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Farthest Frontier: How to get Water



Farthest Frontier: How to get Water

Farthest Frontier is an amazing medieval city simulator with the elements of survival in its core as well. You will have to make a shelter for the citizens to make them happy. Grow crops for food, and watch out for diseases as well. There are different weathers and sometimes there will be freezing temperatures or heat waves which, you will have to keep your citizens safe from. Also, you would have to watch out for bandits or wild animals as well. So, the best practice is to make yourself a city wall. The game is extremely big with a lot of different choices and building choices. We have to start with the basic things like shelter and food in the start.

In this guide, we are going to cover how you can get water for your city to let the citizens use water for their needs and when they are thirsty. Water is also, one of the very crucial parts of the game as well. As you will be needing water for your crops as well. A well can store water, and then citizens can use the well accordingly.

Getting Water by Well

In order to start building well, you will have to go to your building menu. You have to go to Resources in the building menu, there will be an option for Basic Well in the Resources tab. Select the basic well and you will get the option for placing the well. You have to place the well on the Water areas that are bluer and darker, this will give you more water bonus and quantity. So, make sure you place your well in the darker water areas.

You should also place one Basic well close to the town, the citizens will just go to the well by themselves and will start using the well according to their needs. Water Bonus is shown as a bar ranging from red to dark blue as well and is written in percentage so, you can make sure where you are getting the most in the form of a water bonus.

Getting Water by Well

For the Well upgrade, you will get more water storage and it requires 5 iron, 15 stone, and 30 Gold. Also, your Town Center has to be Tier 2 for the upgrade.

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