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Farthest Frontier: Best way to destroy a Wolf Den



Farthest Frontier: Best way to destroy a Wolf Den

In Farthest Frontier your settlement’s people have just come to the frontier from far lands. It’s a long procedure till your settlement turns into a big medieval city but before your people came to start a new life the forests and plain used to be the home of animals. They are also raiders from far towns but as you’ve just started with your new life, the enemy is the animals like wolves and bears in the forests.

In this guide, we are going to cover how to kill a wolf and save your people from wolves as they will be attacking quite often as you have very less resources at the start of the game.

Wolves can be killed by using weapons as your villagers attack them. They shouldn’t be going for one-on-one fights against a wolf because they will eventually die from the wounds by the wolf. They will get sick and eventually will die. So, this is not the right stat to kill a wolf in a single fight.

You can make a lookout tower, a big barrack or you can make a group of troops using your town hall to make them go on the special mission to kill the wolf. You can select the role for your people as well, you can give them Hunters, Guards, and Soldiers roles which will improve their attacking qualities. These kinds of villagers have armors and weapons which will make them kill a wolf without any problem. You can also use ranged weapons like bows to kill a wolf from a distance, this way wolves wouldn’t be able to attack the villagers and can easily kill a wolf.

Destroying a Wolf Den

Wolf Den is a wolf’s nest where they will be spawning from, you have to be careful as well there will be more wolves near a wolf Den as well. Don’t make a single villager go against destroying a wolf den. The wolf will easily kill a single villager. Your villagers will find different items in the forest as well, consumable items like blueberries but there are also animal spawns.

Wolf Dens has a lot of Wolves roaming around and they are searching for food and if they come across any villagers, they will attack them. If you have any livestock and it’s not fenced off and they go near a wolf den the wolves will kill them. You have to be careful, the villagers who get injured by wolves can also get rabies as a disease. In order to save villagers from contracting rabies by wolf attacks, you will have to craft Hide Coats which will reduce the chances of getting rabies.

Hunters and soldiers are the best types of villagers in fighting against a wolf as they have armor that will save them from contracting rabies as well and they are fighters which means they can use their bows to attack wolves easily from a distance in order to kill them.

In order to destroy a wolf den, you also would need to use at least two Hunters and make them go together. Hunters will easily kill all the surrounding wolves near the Wolf Den by using their bows. The best tactic is to not directly attack the Den, you would have to kill the nearby wolves one by one. After all of the near wolves are dead, you can go to the wolf den and attack it, this will destroy the nest and the wolves wouldn’t spawn there.

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