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Farthest Frontier: How to Kill a Bear



Farthest Frontier: How to Kill a Bear

Farthest Frontier is a survival game in which you build the town and keep people safe from the wilderness of the world. One of the toughest wild animals that you have to face is a bear. Bears are not very easy to deal with as they require a great force or a number of people to kill or drive them away.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to kill the bear in Farthest Frontier.

Killing the Bear

At the beginning of the game when you face the bear, you’d not be able to defend the town completely but in order to kill the bear, you’d have to sound the alarm at the Town Center so the villagers shoot the bear to its death before it completely destroys the village. After some hours in the playthrough of the game, you’d be able to build Walls, Fences, and Lookout Towers around the town. The bear will be easy to spot and the villagers on the towers would be able to kill or drive the bear away before it gets into the settlement and does damage to it.

You’d be able to kill the bear easily with 20 – 25 villagers attacking the bear at the same time. The bear will die quickly without dealing too much damage but you have to keep in mind that you’ll lose a couple of villagers because a bear will attack back and the villagers will get hurt or die but it is one of the quickest ways right now to deal with the bear. Because the bear takes more damage with the melee attacks and if your hunter shoots at the bear with the arrows, it won’t deal too much damage and the bear will break into the settlement.

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