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Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 2: Queen Lumera – Walkthrough

Obtainable Equipment & Items



Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 2: Queen Lumera – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll cover the second chapter of Fire Emblem Engage.

Queen Lumera – Walkthrough

In the second chapter of Fire Emblem Engage, Queen Lumera will prepare you for future fights by practicing with you in the garden of the Lythos Castle. Queen Lumera will be your opponent and she has gathered some enemies of different types to teach you and test your abilities. You will have to listen to mother Lumera and pass the fights.

Battle Walkthrough

At the start, you will be given a tutorial on breaking stances. You need to break the stance of the enemy who is wielding an Axe. Sword beat Axe because it is stronger and attacking an enemy who wields an Axe with a Sword, will break its stance. Attack the enemy to break the stance then do a follow-up attack to kill the enemy. Now, use Vander and move him closer to the Archer and he will kill the Archer. You will take down two enemies in a Single Player phase Turn. After the enemy turn, take out the second archer and then attack Lumera to complete the first part of the battle.

Battle Walkthrough

In the second part of the battle, Lumera will use the Emblem Ring of Holy Knight to call Sigurd Emblem. Once the battle is started, go to the Fabrication near the Engage Energy and attack with Sword to break the stance. Hit him again with the Follow-up attack to finish the fabrication. Now, use Vander and Framme to go to one of the Thickets in the garden to get Terrain Effect. The Terrain effect will provide you cover and give you the advantage to block and dodge the attack of archer and spear. In the Player Phase, use Framme to take out the Spear enemy and use Vander to take out the archer.

Now, Lumera will come with Sigurd to attack. After the Enemy Phase, use the Engage and take out both of the Fabrications with Horses with Rapier weapon of Marth. After that, heal the unit that is low on HP with Framme. Now, move your units to Thickets to reduce the damage from Lumera. After she has done her attacks with Sigurd, you need to use Marth’s attacks on her to deplete her HP. Use Vander as the second unit to deal damage to her.

After a couple of attacks, you will defeat Lumera and the Battle will be over.

Obtainable Equipment & Items

After the Battle, Queen Lumera will give the Liberation weapon to the Divine Dragon.

Obtainable Equipment & Items

After that, you will go into the Exploration mode in which you can find the following items in the garden.

  • 2x Berries
  • 20x Iron Ingot

One of the berries will be near the two dragon statues in the middle of the garden and the other Berries will be on the Dragon Fountain. Iron Ingots will be on the side of the Dragon Fountain in the garden.

After getting the items, depart from the menu to exit the exploration mode and the 2nd chapter of the game will be completed.

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