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Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 5: Retaking the Castle – Walkthrough



Fire Emblem Engage: Chapter 5: Retaking the Castle – Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll cover the fifth chapter of Fire Emblem Engage.

Retaking the Castle – Walkthrough

Elusian Queen Zephia has taken the Firene Nation Castle and held Queen Eve Hostage. Alfred and Celine will return to the Castle with the divine Dragon to take back the Castle from the Elusian Army. The Elusian Army is spread in the Castle and you will have to break the Door to get to the Nelucce to defeat him.

Battle Walkthrough

There are a lot of enemies in the Castle and you can get flanked by enemies very easily if you break open the door at the start. However, the best approach to win this battle is to first fight the enemies that are on the left side of the Castle. As there will be chests and a couple of Steel Weapons on the left side of the Castle. You need to get them as early as possible. Send Alfred along with a few Units to defeat the enemies and retrieve the weapons. Send Clanne, Etie, and one more unit with Alred to clear the enemies on the left side and retrieve the weapons. It will take a couple of turns to defeat all the enemies and get the weapons.

After you have obtained the weapons, you need to use the Divine Dragon and break open the Door. Slowly move the unit on the left side back to the main hall. Keep using the attack of Celine, Boucheron, Chloe, and Vander to take out the enemies in the Main Hall. Stand your two units on the Staircase of the Castle to prevent the Reinforcements.

Nelucce is the first boss that you will get to fight in Fire Engage Emblem and in order to defeat him, you will have to lure him off of the Platform. In order to do that, you will have to take out the enemies around him and then move back your units a bit and let him come to you. Once he has moved from the Platform in the Enemy Phase, you need to use the Divine Dragon’s Attack to break his Stance and do a follow-up attack. Nelucce will have two HP bars due to the Revival Stone and it will be a long fight before you get to defeat him. You need to use Celine Engage, Alfred Engage, and Alear Engage on him.

Hit him with all the Engage Attacks to deal a great amount of damage to him. Once he is defeated, the battle will be over and after the cutscene, you will get into the Exploration Mode.

Obtainable Items During Battle

You will obtain the following items during the Battle.

  • Steel Sword
  • Steel Lance
  • Steel Bow
  • Steel Axe
  • 10x Steel Ingot
  • 3,000 Gold
  • Armorslayer
  • Seraph Robe
  • Obstruct
  • Ridersbane
  • Vulnerary

Obtainable Items in the Exploration Phase

You will get the following items in the Exploration Phase.

  • 10,000 Gold from Firene.
  • 100x Bond Fragments
  • 40x Iron Ingots
  • 2x Eggs

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