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Forspoken: Chapter 1: Attachments – Walkthrough



Forspoken: Chapter 1: Attachments – Walkthrough

The following guide covers the first chapter (Attachments) of Forspoken.

Attachments – Walkthrough

After the starting cutscene with Judge Bird, you will get to control Frey and your first objective is to reach your apartment. You can see the current objective by opening the Journal. Head straight down the street and then take a right and go straight. Passing the Christmas Tree will start a cutscene where Frey will get jumped on by a local street gang.

After the cutscene, you will have to escape the gang. You need to sprint and jump over the fence in the alley. Go left and then jump over the dumpster to reach the road. The Gang will follow you so, you will have to take the next alley and don’t release the Sprint button. Jump over the fence and for the next fence, ump on the dumpster and then jump over the fence. Go to the end of the Valley to reach the road and you will escape the gang.

Attachments – Walkthrough

After the cutscene, Frey will get to her Apartment Building. Go up the ladder and interact with the window to get to the Apartment. You need to interact with different things in the apartment to get to know more about your character “Alfre Holland”. Interact with Cat Food to search for your cat named “Homer”. Interact with the Box in the main room to see your Baby photo. Interact with the Shelf to look at your favorite shoes. After that, go inside the room and interact with the cupboard to pull out the Gym Bag filled with money.

Look on the wall and interact with the “Escape Plan” board to see Frey’s Escape Plan. After that, go back to the main room and you will find Homer ad a cutscene will start, After the cutscene, your apartment will be on fire and you will have to get out of there. At first, you will have to find Homer. Go to the back of the Kitchen Counter to find Homer and then you will have to get out of the apartment through the Window. You will lose the gym bag full of money in the fire.

Attachments – Walkthrough

Interact with the board in front of the window to get out and then the cutscene will start. After the cutscene, you will be on a tower and you will spot a strange light going inside a building. Go down from the tower by the ladder and jump down. You will see a shining item through the window. Go ahead and jump on the dumpster and then jump again to reach the ledge. Climb up and go through the opened window. Go down the stairs to see the shining item and it will be a strange Gauntlet.

After picking it up, Frey will be taken to the World of Athia where the second chapter of the game takes place.

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