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Forspoken: How to Equip Nail Designs



Forspoken: How to Equip Nail Designs

Forspoken is an Action-Adventure game that has a lot of different items in the game which will help the main Protagonist of the game throughout the game. One of the things that players will find in the game as they progress through the game is Nail Design. Now, Nail Design does not sound intriguing other than fashion but surprisingly it is one of the main gear items of your main protagonist in the game. By putting them on the nails of your character, you can get certain boosts on specific stats.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to equip Nail Designs on your character in Forspoken.

Unlock Nail Designs and How They Work

Nail Design is one of the gear items that Frey can put on along with the other two Gear Items, a Cloak and Necklace. Just like the rest of the two gear items, Nail Designs also have perks that boost the stats of Frey by putting them on. Players will get to unlock the Nails when they are going through the main story objective of “Frey’s Journey: Her Father’s Findings” in the Third Chapter: Interloper. Players will reach a location named “Xenos Guild” where they will be searching for a journal of Auden’s Father.

While looking for the Journal, they will find two different Journals on Tanta. The Cuff will explain that Tanta used to put designs on their nails with their own blood to strengthen themselves. The Cuff will suggest Frey do the same to gain some boosts in the stats.

Equipping Nail Designs

Nail Designs require a resource named “Breakshards” that can only be found in specific places or in Chests. You can find many by looting the chest and while on the main mission, you will find some in the chests in the same room as the Journals. After getting the Breakshards, you will be able to put on the Nail Designs by going through the following steps.

  • Press the Touch Pad on the Controller to open the main menu.
  • Go inside the “Nails” tab right next to the Gear tab.
  • Here, you will be able to select the Left and Right Hand of Frey.
  • Select anyone and then you will be able to select one of the Nail Designs to put on that Hand’s Nails.
  • Hold the X Button to put on the Nail Design.
  • To put the nail design on the other hand, simply press the Circle Button to go back and select the other hand and follow the same procedure to put the Nail Design on the other Hand’s Nails.

Different Nail Designs have different benefits and you can also put the same Nail Design on both of Frey’s Hands to get double the benefits of the one nail design. However, the Nail Design cannot be upgraded like the rest of the Gear Items. You will have to change the Nail Design when you find a new Nail Design with more Stronger buffs.

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