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Forspoken: How to Get Orison Necklace



Orison Necklace Ability & Upgrade

Forspoken has many different items in the game but the main items that players will have to get to increase the strength of Frey are the Gear Items. There are different types of Gear Items and one of them is a Necklace. Players will find different Necklaces as they progressed through the story or by exploring the World of Athia. One of the Necklaces that players can get early in the game is Orison.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Orison Necklace in Forspoken.

Location of Orison Necklace

Orison Necklace is one of the early Necklaces that players can get in the game. Orison Necklace can be obtained after completing the Locked Labyrinth: East in The Barren Plains area of the map.

Completing Locked Labyrinth: East

To complete the Locked Labyrinth: East, go through the following steps.

  • Enter Labyrinth by pressing the Triangle Button.
  • Go through the great halls of Labyrinth and open the first door to defeat the enemies.
  • After defeating the affected enemies, open the next door and go through the halls.
  • Open the next door and defeat more affected enemies and go through the next door.
  • You will reach the boss area where you will have to defeat Lesser Deinosuchus.
  • After defeating the boss, you need to go to the Ancient Altar and interact with the golden structure to obtain the Orison Necklace.

Orison Necklace Ability & Upgrade

Orison’s main ability is very useful as it enables an Auto-Heal after defeating an enemy in combat. Players can also upgrade the Orison Necklace to get the buff on Attacks while doing the Critical Hits on the enemies. Players will be able to upgrade the Orison Necklace at the Crafting Table or at the camp.

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