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Forspoken: How to Craft Items



Forspoken: How to Craft Items

Forspoken is a Single Player Action-Adventure game in which players will get to explore the world of Athia. Players will find different types of resources in Athia which can be used to craft consumables and different items for the journey. Players will be able to craft the items once they have unlocked the ability of crafting.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to craft items in Forspoken.

How to Unlock Crafting

Players will get to unlock different abilities as they progressed through the main story of the game. One of the abilities that players can learn in the game is crafting. Crafting is unlocked in the 3rd Chapter: Interloper. Players will learn it from a little girl character named “Olevia” in the City of Cipal.

How Crafting Works

Crafting in Forspoken can only be done by using the Crafting Table or while sitting in the Camp. Crafting Tables can be found in major regions of Athia as well as in some other specified places.

Crafting will require certain resources for specific items and consumables. Players can see the items and consumables in the “Craft” section of the Crafting Table. To open the Craft section, players will have to interact with the Crafting Table. Go into the Craft section to see the consumables and items that Frey can currently craft.

How Crafting Works

You will be able to see the required resources in the bottom right when you select an item in the crafting section. Once you have the required materials, hold the X Button to craft the item.

Where to Find Crafting Stations

Crafting Stations can be found in the Pilgrim Refugees. These Refugees can be found in different parts of Athia and once you have entered in one of the refugees, it will be marked on your world map. Inside the Refugee, you will be able to use the Bed to rest as well as you can find some items and consumables as well. There will also be a Crafting Station inside the Pilgrim Refugee from which you can craft the items. You can also Fast Travel to the discovered Refugees. If you want to craft the items quickly, you can Fast Travel to one of the Refugees and then use the crafting table to craft the needed items.

Where to Find Crafting Stations

You can also use the crafting while setting up the camp. The camp can be initiated by holding the Down Button on the D-Pad. It will use Wood to set up the camp and while sitting in the camp, you will be able to craft the items by selecting the “Craft” option.

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