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Forspoken: How to Fast Travel



Forspoken: How to Fast Travel

Forspoken has a word map of Athia in which there are many different cities and regions. Players will explore these regions as they progress through the game. However, since it is an Open-World game, players can explore all parts of Athia. Since it is a very big map, Forspoken also has a Fast Travel mechanic that can be used by players to get to known places quickly.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to fast travel in Forspoken.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

Players will be required to unlock the Fast Travel points before they get to Fast Travel around the world map. Like the other Open World Role-Playing Games, Forspoken also requires its players to go to a specific location and unlock them to make them Fast Travel points. Once they have unlocked a Fast Travel Point, it will start showing on the World Map and it will show the Fast Travel option when you hover over the location.

Fast Traveling

You can Fast Travel in Forspoken by following the following steps.

  • Unlock a Fast Travel point
  • Open the World Map and move the cursor over to the Fast Travel point.
  • Press the Square Button to Fast Travel to the selected location.

Fast Travel Points

There are three different Fast Travel Points in Forspoken.

  • Major Cities
  • Pilgrim Refugees
  • Belfrey Towers

Players will get to various settlements in different regions of Athia as they make progress in the game. It will unlock the Fast Travel points for the players and as players explore the World of Athia, they will find Refugee buildings and belfry Towers. Both of these can be accessed by the players and once they have gone inside these places, they will unlock them as the Fast Travel Points.

Pilgrim Refugees are the most useful locations because players can use these locations to rest and craft or upgrade items. So, it is advised to go into each of the Pilgrim Refugees you find in your gameplay to unlock it. Belfrey Towers takes a bit different approach to unlock. Once players have found a Belfrey Tower, they will have to go to the center of it and use the Cuff Scan ability by pressing the Up Button on the D-Pad to mark the surroundings. By doing this, Belfrey Tower will unlock as the Fast Travel point.

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