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Forspoken: How to defeat Recreant Knight



Forspoken: How to defeat Recreant Knight

Forspoken is a Single Player Action-Adventure game in which players will get to explore the World of Athia. Players will get to encounter different types of beasts and enemies in Athia and one of the early main bosses that players will have to defeat is Recreant Knight.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Recreant Knight in Forspoken.

Recreant Knight Location

In the 3rd Chapter: Interloper, players will encounter Recreant Knight after returning from the Xenos Guild location. Recreant Knight is one of the minions of Tanta Sila and you will fight the Knight in the City of Cipal.

Defeating Recreant Knight

Recreant Knight is covered with armor that can resist magic attacks easily. Your Magic Attacks will do very little damage to Recreant Knight. However, if you attack the wings of the Recreant Knight, you will be able to defeat her very quickly. Recreant Knight has Piercing Attacks that you need to dodge by pressing the Circle Button or using your Magical Parkour abilities.

She has a couple of attacks that she will do with the Lance. She will strike the firing Lance on your but you can dodge it easily by pressing the Circle button. You will see a Flash before she swings the lance. Make sure to press the dodge button when you see the flash. Other than the Lance Attacks, she has a raining Fire Balls attack. She will fly in the air and launch Fire Balls at your location. You can dodge it easily by using the Magical Parkour ability.

Defeating Recreant Knight

Now, to deal damage to her, you need to lock on her wings. To lock on the wings, use the Right Stick to move the locking mechanism. Lock on one of the wings and then use the magical attacks along with support magic to deal damage to her. Once your Surge Magic is charged, use it to deal a great amount of damage to her. Keep hitting her on the wings to destroy her composure during the battle. Once her composure is broken, she will get knocked down. Go near her and press the Triangle Button to do the Killer Blow move to deal damage to her.

For the rest of the fight, you will have to repeat the same process of dodging her attacks and keep on attacking her with your magic to defeat her. There is only a single phase to this fight so, it won’t be a long fight. Once you have depleted her HP completely, the fight will end.

Defeating Recreant Knight


After defeating the Recreant Knight, Frey’s Stamina will be increased by 100.

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