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Forspoken: Chapter 3: Interloper – Walkthrough



Forspoken: Chapter 3: Interloper – Walkthrough

We will cover the third chapter (Interloper) of Forspoken in the following guide.

Interloper – Walkthrough

At the start of the chapter, you will be locked down in a Prison Cell of Cipal. You need to interact with the door to start the cutscene in which a girl named ‘Auden’ will come to free you from the prison. You need to follow Auden and go down the staircase of the prison tower. Once you have reached down, you need to keep following Auden and don’t let any guard spot you. Before heading out, a prompt will appear on the screen and you need to hold the L2 Button to crouch. Go behind Auden to safely escape from the Prison.

Interloper – Walkthrough

Auden will take you to her home and give you an apple. She will ask for your help in return and then after the cutscene, follow Auden again to see the proof of Torana. She will show you the notes on Torana and she will ask you to bring back her Father’s Findings. Follow Auden to your room so you can rest. Interact with the bed to sleep and in the morning, you will get a Hooded Cloak (Gear).

After the cutscene, you need to go to the City’s Gate. Hold the Down button on the D-Pad to use Cuff Compass to mark the waypoint and show the path to the gate. Follow the path and go through the street on the right to reach the South Gate. The gate will be closed and you will meet a little girl named “Olevia”. She will help you with the cost of an apple. After giving her the apple, follow her. She will show you the things that she has crafted with the things that people threw away.

She will give you 3x Balm Flax to make Healing Draught. Go to the Crafting Table on the side and select the Craft option to view the recipes. Select Healing Draught and hold down the X Button to craft Healing Draught. After that, some materials will be marked nearby and you have to collect them to upgrade your Hooded Cloak. Gather the materials and come back to the crafting table and select the Upgrade option. You will be able to upgrade your health by using Grainstone. You can also upgrade the stats of Frey by using the materials you have found.

Interloper – Walkthrough

After upgrading your Cloak, go to the wall to climb it and leave Cipal. You need to go to the Xenos Guild location. It will be marked on your map as well. Use Cuff Compass to keep seeing the correct way to the location. As you go ahead, you will see some affected people by the BREAK. Use Magical Attack to kill them. Go ahead and you will find a Fount of Blessing. Go near it and press the X Button to jump in the shining water. You will learn a new spell called “Leap”. It will let you jump even higher to reach high ground.

Forspoken: Chapter 3: Interloper – Walkthrough

After that, go to the wall in front and jump on it and then press the Left Stick and Circle Button to jump off from the wall to reach above the wall. You will see one of Pilgrim Refuges. You can rest up there to heal yourself or craft consumables and upgrade your cloak. Entering the Refuge will also mark it on the map and you will be able to fast travel to this location.

Keep going on toward the marked location and you will see a Locked Labyrinth. It is like a dungeon filled with enemies. You can complete it to gain some resources and rewards. Go ahead to find one of the Monuments in Athia as well. You can break the BREAK on it with your powers. As you go ahead you will get to fight one of the beasts named “Altered llingoceros”. If you want to fight it then you can otherwise, you can just skip it by going straight to the marked location.

Once you have reached the location, go up the stairs and take two journals from the table in the middle. These journals will let you increase your stats by painting your nails. You will find Breakshards in the chests in the room. After finding the Breakshards, you will be able to put two different nail paints on each hand.

Forspoken: Chapter 3: Interloper – Walkthrough

After that, go to the higher floor and interact with the journal on the table, it will start a cutscene in which Frey will meet Robian, Auden’s Father. After the cutscene, you need to go down the tower and you will get to fight the soldiers of Tanta Sila. The soldiers will have shields so you will have to build the magical attack to remove their shield for some time and then use the magical attack to deal damage to them. Once your Surge Magic is charged, use it to deal great damage to them.

After defeating the soldiers, you will return to Cipal with Robian. The city will be on fire and you will have to go inside the Cipal through the gate. Go up the staircase and through the door to reach the city. Tanta Sila will be holding Auden and you will have to free her. Circle around the crowd to get behind her and then you will be able to restrain her. After that, you will get to fight Recreant Knight in a boss battle.

After defeating her, the third chapter will conclude and the next chapter will begin.

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