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Forspoken: How to Defeat Chapalania



Forspoken: How to Defeat Chapalania

Forspoken is a Single Player Action-Adventure game in which players will get to explore the World of Athia. Players will get to encounter different types of beasts and enemies in Athia and one of the early beasts that players will get to defeat is Chapalania, a wild-looking Bear.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Chapalania in Forspoken.

Chapalania Location

Chapalania is the first main boss of the game that players will get to encounter in the 2nd Chapter: Stuck. Once players make their way into the ruins, they will get to encounter Chapalania.

Defeating Chapalania

Chapalania is a wild bear who has aggressive and ground-slamming attacks. As it is the first main boss, it is not that very difficult to defeat. The easiest way to defeat Chapalania is by locking on to it. You can lock on to the enemies by pressing the Right Stick of the Controller. After locking on to it, press the R2 Button to attack it with Attack Magic.

Defeating Chapalania

Keep pressing the R2 repeatedly for non-stop magical attacks. You can also hold down the R2 button to build the magic attack more powerful but you will have to be careful while doing that because Chapalania can aggress you with a jumping attack. So, it is better to keep a distance and keep hitting it with magical attacks.

You can also use the Support Magic by pressing the L2 Button to slow down Chapalania even before it begins attacking. It will give you the advantage to shoot more magical attacks or you can build the heavy magic attack as well in this period.

By using the Support and Attack Magic, your Surge Magic will charge which can be used to deal a great amount of damage. The triangle on the bottom right of the screen will turn Purple when the Surge Magic is charged. You can do the Surge Magic by pressing the R2 and L2 at the same time.

Defeating Chapalania

You need to keep shooting Chapalania with magical attacks until you break its composure. Once Chapalania’s composure is broken, you can do a Killer Blow move which will kill the enemy instantly and will restore the health of Frey. Once Chapalania is down, go near it and press the Triangle Button to perform the Killer Blow move and defeat Chapalania.

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