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Forspoken: How to Defeat Dragon



Forspoken: How to Defeat Dragon

Forspoken is a Single Player Action-Adventure game in which players will get to explore the World of Athia. Players will get to encounter different types of beasts and enemies in Athia and one of the early beasts that players will get to defeat is a Dragon.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Dragon in Forspoken.

Dragon Location

Dragon is one of the main bosses that you will get to fight in the 2nd chapter: Stuck of Forspoken. Once players have defeated Chapalania, they will reach a town where Frey will be able to rest. After that, players will enter through a gate where the Dragon will encounter Frey.

Defeating Dragon

Dragon is one of the major bosses in the game and the first encounter that you will get to do with him is in the second chapter. There are two phases to the dragon fight and you will have to go through both of them to get rid of the dragon.

First Phase

In the first phase of the dragon fight, the dragon will use Piercing Attacks at the start. These attacks are stronger than the defense of Cuff’s abilities. So, in order to dodge them, you will have to use your Magical Parkour ability “Flow”. You can dodge instantly by pressing the Circle Button or you can move quickly around the dragon by using the Left Stick and pressing the Circle Button. These attacks can be timed perfectly by seeing a flash on the enemy. If you see a flash on the enemy, be ready to dodge it.

You need to lock on the dragon and you need to use the Magical Attacks quickly to hit the dragon on its open chest. It is its weak point and you can deal critical damage by hitting it with the charged Magical Attack. You can charge the Magical Attack by holding down the R2 Button. Once it is charged, release it to shoot at the dragon.

Forspoken: How to Defeat Dragon

You need to keep shooting the Magical Attacks and when your Surge Magic is charged during the fight, you need to use it to deal a great amount of damage to the dragon. Once you have depleted a quarter HP of the dragon, it will begin to do the Unblockable Attacks. These attacks cannot be blocked by any means. In order to escape these attacks, you either have to hide behind a strong cover or dodge it by using the Magical Parkour.

You will have to stand behind the broken walls in the arena to dodge the unblockable attacks or you can use the Flow ability to run around the dragon to dodge them. To time these attacks, you need to look at the dragon and when you see a Red Flash, it means it is going to do the Unblockable Attack.

Other than that, the rest of the fight is pretty simple, you need to damage the dragon by using the Magical Attacks and when you break the Composure of the Dragon, go near it and press the Triangle button to do a Killer Blow move.

Forspoken: How to Defeat Dragon

After you have almost depleted its HP, a cutscene will start, and after that, the second phase of the fight will start.

Second Phase

The second phase will be outside of the city and in this phase, the dragon will be a little more aggressive. It will attack more frequently and will fly out in the sky from time to time. You will have to keep track of its moves before the locking will not work when it is flying. You will have to dodge the attacks by pressing the Circle button or using the Flow ability.

However, the technique of dealing damage to the dragon will remain the same. You need to charge the Magical Attack and if it is doing the attack while you are charging the attack, you can do the roll dodge by holding down the Left Stick and Circle Button. It will not interrupt your Magical Attack Build. After building the magic, release the button to attack it.

Forspoken: How to Defeat Dragon

You need to attack the dragon’s chest and once you have depleted about half of its HP, another cutscene will start and after that, the fight will end.

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