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Fire Emblem Engage: How to Inherit Skills



Fire Emblem Engage: How to Inherit Skills

Fire Emblem Engage has a lot of different characters and Emblems that players will be using in the battle against the Corrupted Enemies. All the Emblems and Characters have specific abilities and Skills that can be used during the battle but these Skills can also be inherited to the advanced level. Players can unlock new skills for the characters and Emblems by inheriting skills.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Inherit Skills in Fire Emblem Engage.

Where to Inherit Skills

Players will unlock the Inherit Skills Mechanic later in the game. After players have completed the 4th Chapter: A Land in Bloom, they will unlock new structures in Somniel. Somniel is the home base of the Divine Dragon and the newly unlocked structure will be Ring Chamber. Ring Chamber is right next to the Bulletin Board in Café Terrace. Players will be able to Inherit Skills by interacting with the Pedestal in the middle of the room. Players can inherit skills by the following steps.

  • Go to the Ring Chamber.
  • Interact with the pedestal by pressing the A button.
  • Select the “Inherit Skills” action.
  • Select the Unit for you want to inherit the skill.
  • Select the Skill you want to Inherit from the unlocked Skills.
Where to Inherit Skills

Requirements For Inherit Skills

Inheriting Skills for the characters sounds very easy in general, but it has some requirements that players will have to fulfill before they get to inherit the skills of the characters. Players will be able to inherit Skills for the Units once they have reached Bond Level 5 with them. Players will not be able to inherit the Skills for the units with lower than 5 Bond Level.

After reaching Bond Level 5 with a unit, you will get to inherit that character’s Skills at the Ring Chamber. You will also unlock new Skills for that character but as nothing happens without any cost, you will be needing a decent amount of SP (Skill Points). SP is required to inherit skills for the character. However, the cost of SP will vary on the Skill you want to inherit. Inheriting Skills can cost 200 SP – 3,000 SP.

Requirements For Inherit Skills

You will gain SP as you increase the Bond Level with your character so, you will have to save the SP for the powerful skills. All the characters have their own SP so, you will be spending their SP individually for their Skills.

One of the advantages of Inheriting the skills is that you will be able to use that inherited skill even without the Emblem Ring. If you have unequipped the Emblem Ring from that character, you will still be able to use the inherited skill because it is different from the Synchro Skills. Only Synchro and Engaged Skills require Emblem Ring to be equipped.

Players will have to inherit the skills of their units from the early game to increase the chances of surviving each battle for every unit. As players progress through the game, they will get to unlock new and powerful skills which must be inherited.

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