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FS22: Attaching the front loader to the tractor – This is how it works



FS22: Attaching the front loader to the tractor - This is how it works

What is a front loader in FS22? How can I use the front loader with my tractor? At the beginning of FS22, some processes are rather unclear, for example, if you have a big bag, you don’t even know how to fill the big bag into the respective device. In this guide, we want to explain what the front loader is all about.

Farming Simulator 22 front loader

In Farming Simulator 22 you will at some point be confronted with the term ” front loader “. A front loader can be used in many ways, for example, you can use it to lift a big bag into the air to fill the fertilizer spreader. You can also use the front loader to load felled trees. There are many areas where the front loader can be used.

There are two ways to get a front loader. The simplest but expensive option is to simply buy a ready-made front loader. The cheapest front loader is the ” Schäffer 2630 ” for 30,500 euros.

Another option is to modify your tractor. You can add a front loader to your tractor. To do this, drive with your tractor to the dealer, at the dealer there is a building with a yellow-black marking on the ground, in front of a large gate. Park your vehicle in the marked area and get out. Run to the information symbol (I) and press the displayed button to modify the tractor. You will then see your tractor and the menu, here you can repair, repaint and configure your vehicle.

Select the Configure item and you will come to a new menu. On the right side of the screen, you can now see the options for configuration. Choose the front loader attachment for 1,500 euros.

Next, you need the front loader itself, which you can buy from the dealer. The Quickie brand gives you offers of 7,000 euros, we have installed the “Quicke QM6” front loader for 9,000 euros.

If you have equipped your tractor with a front loader or bought a ready-made front loader, all you need is the appropriate front loader tool, which you can buy from the dealer.

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