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FS22: This is how the bees work in Farming Simulator 22



FS22: This is how the bees work in Farming Simulator 22

Bees increase the yield. In addition, honey is produced, which can be sold for a profit. Your bees are busy in Farming Simulator 22 even in winter, so you have something to do even in the cold season.


Build mode allows you to buy beehives. You can buy different sizes of beehives:

  • 1 frame for € 1,100
  • 4 frames for € 4,400
  • 6 frames for € 6,600
  • 10 frames for € 12,500
  • 33 frames for € 19,000

Beehives with more frames will produce more honey faster but will cost you more accordingly. For example, use the money cheat in FS 22 if you don’t have that much in your account.

If you have decided on a beehive, you can place it on your land. So you have to buy a field beforehand, you are not allowed to place the beehives on other fields. Then put a beehive honey pallet station in the immediate vicinity. Over time, the pallets of honey are stacked here, which you can then, for example, deliver to the point of sale or production facility by an AI helper.

You can place several beehives per yard to produce honey even faster, but only one pallet station is allowed per yard. So transports the honey away quickly so that space is created.

Note: Note that bees only produce honey during the day. Your pallets don't fill up at night.

Place beehives for higher yields

Beehives have the passive property of increasing the yield of sunflowers, rapeseed, and potatoes when you place both in the same field. The exact values ​​of the increase in yield are as follows:

  • Sunflowers: + 5% increase in yield
  • Rapeseed and potatoes: + 2.5% increase in yield

You should therefore preferably place beehives next to sunflower, rape or potato fields in order to take the bonus with you. If two fields are close together, you only have to place a beehive between the fields to activate the increase in yield for both fields.

Find and wear a beekeeper outfit

You don’t have to, but if you want to feel like a real beekeeper, you can of course put on the right beekeeper outfit for your character when placing beehives.

To do this, open the game menu and go to the “Miscellaneous” menu item at the bottom left of the bar. Here you can access your wardrobe. Here you can select the beekeeper outfit under “Outfits” and also adjust the color if you want. To do this, select “Choose a color” at the bottom of the screen. As I said, this is purely optional, you don’t have to be afraid of bee stings when using beehives.

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