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Goodbye Volcano High: Review



Goodbye Volcano High - Review

Goodbye Volcano High is a hand-drawn narrative adventure game developed and published by a Montreal-based studio, KO_OP. The game has been in development for years and it has been delayed several times. Sometimes it was due to the covid and later, they added more features into the game which took more time. Despite the delays, it is finally here and it will put the players in the shoes of the Reptiles who are in the Senior Year of High School. This is our Review of Goodbye Volcano High.

Goodbye Volcano High – Spend the Last Days in the Shoes of Reptiles

The narrative of Goodbye Volcano High resembles a lot with today’s world as you will be consistently in contact with your reptile friends who are messaging via chat and gaining popularity on social media. Social Media plays a crucial role in the story and you will get to experience it for yourself as you get to play the main protagonist, Fang. Fang is the lead singer of a band who is finding the purpose of her life. Little does she know that the world is about to end with a Meteor Strike and you will get to decide what choices she should make as you get to know more about her.

Despite the choices, the world is on the verge of getting destroyed in a few days and as players start to delve into the story, they will hit with all of the cool aspects of the game. The texting mechanic with friends, the social media influence of different characters showing on the screen, telling you what are they on social media and what are they in real life. You get to make choices on what you feel best for Fang and even help her write songs.

As the main protagonist is a singer, there will be a lot of musical elements that you will get to experience that play well with the narrative. You get to decide the starting lyrics and then interact accordingly with the QTEs to make the perfect song. Progressing further into the story will let you even solve the mystery of the leaked news of the Meteoroid, which sounds compelling.

Apart from the narrative, the hand-drawn characters and the world would impress you in several ways. The music itself is elevating which would keep you going through the QTEs. With all of the amazing designs, the voice acting in Goodbye Volcano High is one of the Top Notch we have experienced in recent games.

Verdict – Score 9/10

Goodbye Volcano High is a great narrative adventure that we would recommend the players to try. It resembles so much with the real world and makes you delve into the story all by yourself. All the choices, texting, and QTEs will keep you engaged with the story and will allow you to spend the days of the main Protagonist in the best way possible until the doomsday arrives.

Goodbye Volcano High is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and MAC OS.

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