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Gord: How to Gather Mushrooms



Gord: gather Mushrooms

Food is crucial for survival in Gord as it is the basic upkeep of every villager in your Gord. Every day, the villagers consume a small portion of the Food which prevents them from starving. As starving has a direct influence on low Sanity, it is better to keep as much food as you can in your settlements. One of the earlier foods that players can gather for their villagers is Mushrooms.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to gather Mushrooms in Gord.

How to Gather Mushrooms in Gord

Mushrooms grow in the fields and to gather the mushrooms, players would have to order Foragers to forage the mushrooms. However, foragers can only hold up to a certain quantity of mushrooms which might only be enough for only 1 villager. To get mushrooms in great quantity, players would have to store them. To store the mushrooms, players would have to build a Forager’s Hut structure, Forager’s Hut is a basic structure and it is mainly used to turn mushrooms into Food.

Building the Forager’s Hut will require 50x Wood and 25x Reed. Players can get the Wood and Reed by building the Lumbermill and Thatchery structures. Villagers who are acquired to Lumbermill and Thatchery will gather wood and reed and store them in the structures. Once players have the required number of resources for Forager’s Hut, they need to build and place the Forager’s Hut inside the settlement.

After building the Forager’s Hut, players need to order foragers to forage the mushrooms from the nearby areas. As they gather mushrooms, they will be able to make Mushroom Soup.

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