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Gord: How to Gather Wood and Reed



Gord: How to gather Wood and Reed

Gord is a survival strategy game set in a hostile, forsaken land inspired by Slavic mythology. As players venture through the world, they would have to build their settlements in various areas to survive through the night. To build the settlements, there are two main resources, Wood and Reed. These are the main resources that would require for all of the structures.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to gather Wood and Reed in Gord.

How to Gather Wood and Reed in Gord

As players start building their settlements, they will be required to make the Palisade first to the villagers safe from the dangers of Wolves or Horrors. Building the Palisade would also require Wood but each player would start with a decent amount of wood so, there would be no issue in creating the palisade. Once players have built the Palisade, they would be required to make more structures for which they will be needing more Wood and Reed. Now, to get more Wood and Reed, it is crucial to build the following structures.

  • Lumbermill
  • Thatchery

Lumbermill is used to turn the cut-down trees into wood and it will allow players to get wood more quickly. Thatchery on the other hand is used to store Reed so as villagers gather more Reed from the surroundings of the Settlement, they would store it in Thatchery. The making of Lumbermill and Thatchery would require a total of 100x Wood and 50x Reed. Make sure to order at least 2 of the villagers to gather Reed so that they can store it in Thatchery more quickly. Order the rest of the villagers to cut down the trees in the surrounding area to turn them into wood.

Once players have gathered enough of Wood and Reed, then they can start focusing on building other structures like Meadery which is greatly helpful in replenishing the Sanity of the villagers.

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