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Palia: How to Use Bait and Change Bait Types



Palia: How to Use Bait and Change Bait Types

Fishing is one of the crucial Guilds in Palia that allows players to catch various fish. These fish can be used for cooking recipes, quests, or even sold to make money. Fish can be caught in ponds using the Fishing Rod provided by Einar. However, not all fish can be caught by casting an empty hook into the water. High-value fish are caught by using Bait, as it increases the chances of catching a rare fish.

If you are looking for a method to use bait or want to know how to change bait, then you are in the right place. This guide will help you use bait as well as change bait types while fishing in Palia.

How to Use Bait in Palia

During your early adventures in the Fisherman Lagoon area, you will meet Einar, who will introduce you to fishing. He will give you the Fishing Rod tool and also explain Bait to you. In the early game, players will need to buy Bait. The early game Bait is Worms, which can be purchased from the General Store for 10 Gold each. Once you have the Bait, go to any fishing point and right-click. This action will display the Bait options. The “Hook” option refers to “No Bait,” while the “Worm” option is labeled as “Use Worm as Bait.”

How to Change Bait Types in Palia

Click the Worm block to use it on the Hook, then hold the Left-Click button to aim and release the button to cast the hook into the water. Wait for the fish to take the bait, and then you can catch the fish by reeling it in.

How to Change Bait Types in Palia

If you have leveled up enough in the Fishing Guild and have unlocked the second Bait known as the “Glow Worm,” you will be able to change the Bait Type. Ensure that you have both Worms and Glow Worms in your inventory to change the Bait Types. Go to the fishing point and right-click to see all the available baits. Select the bait you want to use to catch the fish. The method of changing Bait Types is similar to using Bait. The only difference is that you will have more than one type of bait, and you can use whichever bait you prefer.

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