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Hackers can get your PayPal information via your linked Nintendo accounts



Hackers can get the PayPal information via your linked Nintendo accounts

If you have your PayPal account linked to Nintendo please remove it NOW. Hackers are active nowadays and trying to get access to your PayPal, it was informed by some of Social media Users.

Twitter users are reporting that hackers got their PayPal information via their linked Nintendo accounts and are using it to purchase V-bucks.

After a long conversation with the victims, we got that Hackers were managing to discover or tap into people’s PayPal information and use it to purchase V-Bucks, the premium currency for Fortnite.

On Mar 19, 2020, one of the Twitter users advised the Nintendo customers

If you have your PayPal account linked to Nintendo please remove it NOW, me and several of my mutuals (among many others) have been hacked and hit with hundreds of dollars worth of charges of fortnite currency

Furthermore, it was reported that a great number of users who attached their PayPal information to the Nintendo account got affected by the Hackers, although reports suggest that some people don’t even have Fortnite installed.

If you’re also one of them who got affected by the hackers, then you are advised not to contact your Bank on the spot.

Because of this situation, you’re advised to unlink your PayPal Account. In order to unlink the payment method you first need to sign in to the Nintendo eShop as usual. Once in simply click on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and this will bring up your account information. Next, you can scroll down to the PayPal account, which is about four options down. Finally, hit the unlink option to remove the payment method.

Keep in mind, a few days ago Nintendo advised us to set a 2-step verification method. This is the only way we can secure our account.

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