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Hackers hacked Wasteland 3, NBA 2K21, WRC 9, and Crusader Kings 3



Crusader Kings III outsells Marvel's Avengers on Steam

Computer hackers continue to hack video games. This time, a group of hackers hacked and posted several major releases on

So, the turn-based RPG Wasteland 3, the basketball simulator 2K21, the WRC 9 race, and the Iron Harvest strategy, Crusader Kings 3 appeared on the Internet. Almost all of these games did not have a powerful defense system. For example, Wasteland 3 and Iron Harvest weren’t even DRM protected. Crusader Kings 3 and NBA 2K21 have been shut down with standard Steam protection. The most highly rated game on the list is Crusader Kings III, with an average press rating on Metacritic of 91 out of 100, while users gave it 8.1 out of 10.

At the same time, even Epic Games’ DRM did not save WRC 9 from breaking.

After hackers hacked new games, they put them on torrent trackers.


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