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Hard West 2: Daredevils



Hard West 2: Daredevils

Hard West 2 is an action-adventure game about the dark heart of the west. This is a sequel to its original game Hard West and it is also the Hit Turn-Based strategy game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the first mission of the Hard West 2.


The first mission of the game is to loot the train called “The Ghost Train”. It’s a train filled with federal gold. The posse will wait for this train at night to come and then they’ll hit it. After the cutscene, you need to put Laughing Deer on the highlighted spot, just click on the block to move the character. Then move Flynn to the highlighted spot on the train. Then select the Gin Carter and select the 2nd ability to shoot the enemy on top of the carriage. Move Kestrel Colt on the train and shoot the enemies. Then enemies get the turn and there’ll be five more enemies will come forward.


Select between the characters and shoot them with the 2nd ability. Make sure that you don’t use all of the 3 actions. If you use all of the 3 actions then enemies will get a turn. If you are able to kill any enemy in the 3 actions, you’ll get all of your actions back. So, make sure to kill an enemy with two hits at least. After killing all 10 train guards, Select the remaining posse members and direct them to the train. After you’ve put all the characters on the train, the train will go through an invisible tunnel and turn into a Spider Train, and there’ll be ghost enemies that you’ll have to kill. Select the characters and shoot at the enemies to move forward towards the train engine.

Hard West 2: Daredevils

Once you get to the train engine, you’ll see a guy name Mammon and you need to kill him. There’ll be more ghost enemies as well so, try to move your characters in a cover and then shoot the ghost enemy to get the Bravado to gain all the actions back. Shoot at the Mammon and he’ll die but he’ll be the fake one. Then you’ll get the objective to kill the real Mammon and there’ll be plenty of Mammon in the engine room. Just select a character and start killing the Mammon, you’ll get Bravado on killing the fake Mammon so, you don’t have to worry about the actions. When you hit Mammon and he didn’t die in the first hit, it means he is the real one. Then start shooting and hitting Mammon one by one with each character and when his health gets low, try to deal with the Bullseye damage because it will deplete most of his health or kill him.

After depleting his health completely, he’ll not die and gin Carter will make a deal with him in the game of poker and in the cutscene, Mammon will win and take the souls of all members of Posse.

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