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Hard West 2: Find Shelter



Hard West 2: Find Shelter

After Mammon has taken the Gin and Deer souls, Flynn comes and wakes up Gin. After Gin has woken up then we’ll get the objective to find a shelter.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Find Shelter mission.

Find Shelter

Flynn will wake you up and talk with her and get up. We’ll get the objective to find the shelter and you’ll be on your horse. Click on the points to move the horse and you’ll see a Ruined Cabin just to the right side of the campfire. But it will cost you $5 to search the whole place. It isn’t necessary to waste money, you can get things from here for free as well. Just move ahead a bit and you’ll see an Abandoned Farm.

You’ll hear knocking and Flynn will tell you to be careful and we’ll get the options, both of the options will dig up a coffin from which a dead person will rise. Gin will convince him that he’s been murdered by a guy named Mammon and he’ll come with us. The Ruined Cabin you saw before was the house of Billy. Go back to that cabin and you’ll find guns under the floor. After that keep moving forward and you’ll reach a train station.

There’ll be a town named Boomtown right next to the train station. Go into the town and Flynn will see Deer. Select the option to save Deer and a cutscene will start.

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