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South of the Circle: Part 1 Walkthrough



South of the Circle: Part 1 Walkthrough

South of the Circle is an emotional narrative adventure game in which the story of Peter has been told of his survival in Antarctica’s 1960s Cold War. While getting help for the survival of him and his friend in the plane, he flashes back to his life moments.

In this guide, we’ll be covering part 1 of South of the Circle.

South of the Circle – Part 1

The game is been set in the timeline of the Cold War of 1960. Peter and his friend were flying over one of the British outposts but their plane crashed. Peter wakes up and wakes up his friend. His friend’s leg is jammed and broken due to crashing. His friend asks peter to grab the medical kit from behind his friend’s seat. Mash the button on the screen to grab the first aid kit and give it to him. His friend will try to radio contact for help but they’ll be out of the range of the radio masts. His friend will tell Peter to go towards one of the British outposts ahead and bring help. Peter will ask how far is it and it would be roughly 5 – 10 miles. His friend will have flares with him so, Peter could find his way back easily. Peter will get out of the plane and walk towards the red light flashing ahead.

As Peter is walking, he would get vanished in the snowstorm and gets into a flashback where he is at a train station. Walk inside the train and Peter will meet a girl who is trying to put her luggage in a box above her seat. The luggage is pretty heavy and Peter will volunteer a help. Press the button on the screen to lift the luggage but you’ll fail but don’t worry. The girl will give you a hand as well and they both will put the luggage in the box. The girl will thank Peter for his assistance and then the girl will ask Peter to join her in the carriage. Peter will sit in front of her and ask her where is she going. She’ll say that she is going to Cambridge and you are too. Peter will get confused about how she knows and get three choices.

  • Suit
  • Tie
  • Shoes

Hold any one of the buttons showing on the screen to ask how she knows and then she’d say that his book on the seat gives her the idea. Peter and the girl will talk about the book and the girl will say that you are also a lecturer and Peter will get the option to introduce himself to the girl. The girl will also introduce herself as Clara Mckirrick. They both will talk about their professors and then Peter will ask Clara to come to one of the lectures at the university. Clara will ask how many undergraduates come to his lectures and Peter will get three choices.

  • Few
  • Hundreds
  • Many
South of the Circle: Part 1 Walkthrough

Select one of the choices and Clara will say that if there’s a space then she’d come to his lecture. Peter will see the red light of the next stop of the station and then get out of the flashback. Keep walking in the direction of the red light and you’ll reach the British outpost. Hold the button on the screen to open the door and go inside. Peter will shout for help but no one will answer and as he turns on the light, he will go to another flashback, and this time he’d be in one of his seminars. All the students will leave and Peter will say if anyone will have questions so they can come to him and ask him. Peter will see 1 student sitting in the dark and it would be Clara. Clara will say that his lecture was fascinating and Peter will be happy that he delivered a good lecture. The next lecture will be Clara’s and she’ll ask Peter if he likes to stay in the lecture. Peter will get two options.

  • Stay
  • Leave

Select to stay in the lecture and then the flashback will end and Peter will be back in the outpost. Go to the room on the right side and you’ll see a door in that room. Go out from that door and you’ll come out of the outpost. Go right from there and pass the first small hut because there’ll be nothing inside it. Keep going forward towards a small hut on a small hill. Press the button to open the door. That’ll be a radio room, go towards the radio and interact with it to use it. Rotate to the right side and Peter will get into another flashback where his professor pays him a visit. His professor will ask about him the work and press the button through the dialogues and show the work to the professor. Professor will then talk about their politics and the position of Peter in the institute. Go through the dialogues and Professor will tell peter that there is a fifth member of Cambridge four and if he happens to find something suspicious, he needs to tell the professor.

The flashback will end and Peter will still be in the radio room. Rotate the dial to the left side and when you get closer to the 350 frequency, Peter will hear his friend talking from the plane radio. He will ask Peter that did he find any doctor here, Peter will say that there is nobody here and this place is abandoned. His friend will say maybe this place has been attacked by the Soviets. He’ll tell Peter to get out of there and go somewhere else where he can find help. He’ll tell peter to find where is he now and there’ll be a map on the left side. Press the button to look at the map and Peter will tell him that he is at the Deception Point. Then look towards the North on the map and point out the Two buildings, Peter’s friend will tell him to go towards the building and get help. He’ll ask Peter if he has the keys to the abandoned car, look to the right and you’ll see the keys. Grab the keys and he will ask peter if he sees any landmark on the way to the two buildings. Point out the Cathedral Rock to him and he’ll say to go there first and then to the two buildings.


Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Defeat the Two Giants



Two Giants

As players progress ahead in Chapter 11, they will get to defeat the Two Giants near the Storeroom. The Two Giants that you need to defeat are a normal Giant and an Armored Giant. The normal giant is the same one as Chapter 4 where you defeated the first Giant. However, the Armored Giant is a bit tricky to defeat as it does not take any damage from bullets.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat the Two Giants in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Defeat Normal Giant

When the fight starts, you need to focus on the normal giant. You need to shoot its head or feet with the Shotgun or Pistol until a Parasite comes out of its back. After that, you need to deal more damage to him either by throwing a grenade or shooting bullets until he falls down on his feet. Aggress towards him and do the melee attack to use the Knife on Parasite. It will deal great damage to him. Once you have done that, it will only take a few more shots until he falls down for good.

Normal Giant

Defeat Armored Giant

While fighting the Normal Giant, keep your distance from the Armored Giant and once the Normal Giant is defeated, you need to use Grenades on the Armored Giant to deal damage. If you don’t have any grenades, worry not until Luis tells you to wait for him. Luis will go out and you will have to survive until Luis comes back. Luis will bring a pack of TNT and you need to lure the Giant to Luis.

Armored Giant

Luis will attach the TNT Pack to the back of the giant and then you need to shoot the TNT Pack when the Armored Giant is in the middle of the arena. When you hit the TNT, it will down the Armored Giant and you need to use the console in the arena to open the metal hatch in the middle of the arena. If the Giant is in the middle, it will go down in the Lava and the fight will be over. If not then you need to lure him into the middle and then use the console to drown him in the Lava.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Restore Power to Elevator in Underground Laboratory



Restore Power

During Chapter 10, Leon will get thrown down in Underground and players will have to make their way up to the Castle. However, reaching the Castle will take a lot of time because you will have to do certain tasks in order to get back up. One of the main tasks that players will have to do is to restore the power to the Elevator when they reach the Underground Laboratory.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to restore power to the elevator in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Restoring Power to the Elevator

When you reach the Underground Laboratory, you will see certain switches that will blow out the Liquid Nitrogen and when you get to the Elevator, you will find the note which tells you about restoring the power to the Elevator. You need to go through the door on the left and as you go ahead, you will see a vision of an enemy named “Verdugo” who is like an Alien. Follow the following steps to restore the Power to the Elevator in Underground Laboratory.

  • Go through the Door on the left of the Elevator and go on the path until you reach a locked door.
  • Go inside a small room on the right side of the locked door and you will see a switch. Interact with the Switch to unlock the door.
  • Now, go ahead and be ready to evade the attack of Verdugo. Make your way to the back of the Laboratory and you will find the Circuit Breaker.
  • Interact with the Circuit Breaker to restore the Power to the Elevator.
Interact with Circuit Breaker

Stay Alive Until the Elevator Comes Down

After restoring the Power, you will be starting to get chased by Verdugo. You need to make your way back to the Laboratory and stay alive until the Elevator comes down. It can take 3 – 5 minutes for the elevator to come down and in the meantime, you can either defeat Verdugo or outrun him.

Go inside Elevator

Keep running in the tunnels and stay close to the Liquid Nitrogen Switches. When you see that Verdugo is aggressing towards you, press the switch to blow out Liquid Nitrogen on Verdugo. It will stun Verdugo and you will be able to Melee Verdugo as well as shoot him. You need to keep doing that until a small cutscene of the Elevator starts in which it will come down to the Laboratory. When that happens, you need to go back to the Laboratory and go inside the Elevator to go further up.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake – How to Get CQBR Rifle



CQBR Rifle

There are a number of weapons for each type of weapon in the game and one of the most necessary weapons in the game is Rifle. You will unlock different types of Rifles in the game but one of the most useful rifles is CQBR Rifle which is an Assault Rifle that can take out enemies more swiftly. However, this weapon is a late-game weapon but it can also be found in Chapter 10 of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Get CQBR Rifle in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Getting CQBR Rifle

The CQBR Rifle can be found in the Library Area of the Castle during Chapter 10. In Chapter 9, you will get to go to the library while playing with Ashley to solve the Clock Puzzle and later the Mausoleum Lamp Puzzle. If you have paid attention in the library area when you get the “Bunch of Keys” Key Item, there will be a Square Lock Box on the wall and if you open the Square Lock Box, you will get the CQBR Rifle.

Now, in order to open the Square Lock Box, you will be required to have a key item named “Cubic Device” that can be found between the Armory and the Grand Hall area of the Castle. You will be able to obtain the Cubic Device in Chapter 9 as well as in Chapter 10 so if you have not obtained it in Chapter 9, it is advised to get it in Chapter 10.

Once you have the Cubic Device, go to the opened door on the right side of the Headless Statue and enter the room that leads to the library. Make your way to the library and you will get to kill a couple of Knights. Go to the end of the library and go up the staircase. As you go up, look at the wall in front and interact with the Square Lock Box. Set the Cubic Device in the required position and unlock the Square Lock Box to get the CQBR Rifle.

Get CQBR Rifle

CQBR Rifle also consumes the ammo of a regular Rifle so, you will be able to craft it with 10x Gunpowder and 1x Resources (L). If you have missed the CQBR Rifle in Chapter 10, you will also be able to buy it from the Merchant in Chapter 11. He will also give you a discount of 30% but it would still cost you a lot of money.

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