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Digimon Survive: Part 7 Walkthrough



Digimon Survive: Part 7 Walkthrough

In this guide, we’ll be covering part 7 of Digimon Survive.

Part – 7

Part 7 begins with Arukenimon and Garurumon talking with a stranger demon. Arukenimon will report to the demon that Garurumon has lost Miyuki and Demon will tell them to keep an eye on all of the kids. After that, the scene will cut to Takuma waking up. Minoru will ask Takuma what are we doing today and Takuma will get three choices as an answer.

  • School.
  • The enemy base.
  • The western base.

Select the “The enemy base.” choice to show that Takuma is not half asleep, if you choose school then Minoru and Falcomon will say that Takuma is still half asleep. After the dialogues, we’ll get the Free Action Phase and a new location named “Deep Forest” will unlock. Go to each location and talk to other characters to consume all of the moves to progress. After talking to everyone, they all will start the preparation for the final battle. Open the map and go to the Old School location to start the preparation.

Everyone will be ready to go to the enemy base for the final battle and Takuma will go to the Shrine to look for the Professor. Professor will be inside the shrine and Takuma will find him there. Before they leave for the journey, Takuma will get three choices to ask a question to the professor.

  • The tune he hummed.
  • Garurumon.
  • Haru.

Select any question but for a better understanding of the story, select the ”Garurumon” choice to ask the professor did he ever met Garurumon before. The professor will Takuma that he met Garurumon when he was young and back then he was friendly. After that, you’ll get to ask the remaining two questions as well by selecting the “There’s more” option. When you ask the question about Haru, Takuma will show the picture of Haru and Miyuki to the professor and the professor will remember that he is the one in the picture with Miyuki. Takuma and Agumon will get shocked to hear that.

After their conversation with the professor, Arukenimon the monster will come to track them down and will be there to attack the boys. After the cutscene with Arukenimon, a question choice will appear with three choices.

  • Let’s fight
  • Find a way to escape
  • Ask for cooperation

You can select let’s talk and cooperate with the Arukenimon. But even after selecting to cooperate, you’ll still end up fighting with Arukenimon. All the character’s Digimon has the ultimate attacks so, it will be easier to fight the Arukenimon. Arukenimon will retreat and will not push for a fight furthermore and she will escape after the cutscene.

The boys and the Digimons will be going in the search of the Miyuki and they will talk about how the area is looking very dangerous. The professor will tell the boys, we should follow the traces as we don’t have enough time left. After that cutscene, Arukenimon will be there again and the Renamon the Digimon will be in danger from the Arukenimon. We will get three options to choose from.

  • Ignore Renamon
  • Help Renamon
  • Distract Arukenimon

You’ve to select help Renamon, There will be another fight with Arukenimon. After you’ve defeated Arukenimon, you will save Renamon from her. The boys will be questioning Arukenimon about and you will get more options like The boundary, How to get back home, and the maiden. You can select to ask her about a maiden. In the cutscene Piedmon will appear from the smoke and Arukenimon will get scared that she has lost and Piedmon will tell her how she has been a fool at the end and he will kill Arukenimon. Miruki will be with Piedmon as the maiden. Renamon will get emotional and will leave everyone and tell them that he’s alone going to save Miruki from Piedmon while everyone tells Renamon that he’s not feeling well. He will still leave them to go alone for Miruki.

We’ll get to the Exploration phase and we need to go and talk to other characters in each room of the old Factory. Start from any room and talk to each character about their findings in the factory. After talking to everyone, open the map and go to the Factory Exterior location. Talk to the professor and the professor will tell Takuma to help him move the debris from in front of the door. Haru and Garurumon will be having an argument inside the building and Takuma and the others will come into the building. Garurumon won’t trust humans and Professor’s life will get in danger. Takuma will get three choices to save him.

  • Ask Agumon for help.
  • Try a surprise attack.
  • Jump in front.

Select any of the options but Garurumon won’t attack the professor and Haru will get angry at Garurumon saying that you hate humans but you won’t attack them. Garurumon will get angry and push Haru away. Then we’ll get to fight Garurumon. After the fight, Garurumon will don’t understand how he’s been defeated and all the Digimon will try to convince Garurumon that he doesn’t seek revenge. Everyone will tell Garurumon to talk to him to get what you seek. Takuma will get three choices.

  • Believe in destiny.
  • We need a truce.
  • He’s on your side.

Select the “Believe in your destiny” choice and Garurumon will calm down and tell us the location of Miyuki. Haru will stay alongside Garurumon and the whole gang will go to look for Miyuki. The gang will reach the room and they’ll see Miyuki tied to an altar. Piedmon will come there and we’ll have a fight against Piedmon to free Miyuki from the altar before the special ceremony begins. After defeating Piedmon, Piedmon will summon the mist around the altar to start the ceremony but Takuma will go inside the mist to save Miyuki. When the mist disappears, Piedmon, Miyuki, and Takuma will also disappear. Everyone will get disheartened and Takuma will wake up in a mysterious place and he heard “The Master”. Then he would wake up back in the school and Miyuki will also be there and she’ll be able to talk completely. Miyuki will sing the song and the chapter will come to an end.

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