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Digimon Survive: How to unlock Misty Memories



Digimon Survive: How to unlock Misty Memories

After you’ve finished Digimon Survive, you will unlock the New Game+ mode which brings you new challenges. Misty Memories is the challenges battle series that you can play in New Game+ where you will be fighting the most powerful Digimons and the hardest battles in the game.

In this guide, we are going to cover what is Misty Memories and how you can play the challenges of Misty memories to unlock yourself new rewards for each battle.

Misty Memories

As explained above Misty Memories are quite challenging battles in Digimon Survive that can be played throughout the game where there are very hard and powerful Digimons battles. You have to be had completed the game a

There are a total of 30 Misty Memories and winning each battle will give you special rewards. You can use these rewards to upgrade your Digimons to make them more powerful which will help in future fights as well. The rewards are not one-time, so if you’ve completed all the 30 challenge battles you can play them again to get yourself the rewards again as well. After you’ve completed 10 Misty Memories you will be rewarded with a special crystal as well. This crystal gives special effects for battles to your Digimon.

There are a total of three different special crystals you will get after 10 levels. So, when you’ve completed the Misty Memory 10 you will get the Divine Protection Crystal as the reward. This crystal gives resistance to unnatural states and reduces damage taken by Digimon. For the next Misty Memory 20, you will get rewarded with the Sky’s Gift Crystal. Sky’s Gift Crystal will boost the HP and SP regeneration after each turn for your Digimon. You will also get a resistance bonus of 100 %. You will never run out of SP again with the Sky’s Gift Crystal. The last crystal you will get on the final Misty Memory 30 is a very powerful crystal as well and is very helpful in the battles as well. This crystal will let your Digimon attack twice in every turn. This crystal will also increase the speed and power of the attacks, your attacks will do more damage. You will only have to get SP once in most battles with this crystal.

You can keep on doing these Misty Memories Battles again, even after you’ve completed all of them as the rewards given by these Memories are permanent and you can easily increase all the attributes of your Digimons ranging from HP, SP, Attack, and Defense to Special Attack as well.

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