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Tower of Fantasy: How to play Ring of Echo Mini Game



Tower of Fantasy: How to play Ring of Echo Mini Game

Tower of Fantasy is a new action-adventure MMORPG in an alien world called Aida. The game also has a combat system which is very in-depth as well. The game can be played in co-op you can gather your friends and make a crew to go on a shared adventure. The game has a very detailed character customization section where you can select your outfits, body type, skin color, and other character aesthetics.

In this guide, we are going to cover one of the many interesting things we came across in the Tower of Fantasy. There is a Mini Game in the Tower of Fantasy called Ring of Echo, we will tell you how you can play Ring of Echo.

Ring of Echo

Ring of Echo

In Tower of Fantasy when you’re roaming around the map exploring the world. You will come across tree stumps with a yellow circle within, you’ve to go to these tree stumps and jump on them and they will play a musical sound and a musical note icon will appear on the screen as well. This is the mini-game called Ring of Echo. We will be telling you how you can play the Ring of Echo and it will unlock your special kind of loot box to get your rewards as well.

How to Play

After you’ve made it to the area with yellow glowing tree stumps, you’re good to start the Ring of Echo. Now, you need to jump on any of the tree stumps first and it will make a musical sound and a musical note icon will appear. You have to look around you and another tree stump will be having a yellow glow around it. This is the next tree stump you’ve to jump on and continue till you’ve completed all the tree stumps and a holographic message and a loot box appear. This means you’ve completed the mini-game Ring of Echo. Now, you can simply just go to the loot box and collect your rewards.

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