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Digimon Survive: All Agumon Digivolutions



Digimon Survive: All Agumon Digivolutions

Digimon Survive is a tactical Role-Playing game with survival elements. Players will play through the story and fight with other Digimon in matches. As players play through the story, they’ll get to know that the Digimon can be evolved and their strength and power will increase when they evolve. The Evolution of Digimon in this game is known as Digivolution.

In this guide, we are going to cover all the Digivolutions Agumon goes through in the Digimon survive.

Agumon is the main Digimon character in Digimon Survive and is one of the most famous Digimon of the series as well. He will also be accompanying us from the start of the game. He’s a little yellow-colored Dinosaur but he eventually can Digivolve into other more powerful and bigger creatures and versions of himself.

All Agumon Digivolutions

In Digimon Survive, Agumon has 11 different digivolutions in total but they all depend on the different Karma points and paths chosen at different points of your Digimon Survive adventure. We will be telling you all the points where Agumon can digivolve and what are you required to have the digivolution. You have to keep that in mind you cannot get all the digivolutions in a single playthrough, you will have to play a new game plus and make the certain selections which you will learn in this guide to get yourself the other available forms for Agumon as well.

The Karma system has four different paths and you can access the first four digivolutions. In the main story Agumon only digivolves four times. Firstly, he will evolve at the end of Part 1, then next in Part 5, then in Part 9, and lastly in Part 11. The first three digivolutions will depend on the Karma Stats at the time of form. Omnimon form will be received without having a certain Karma score and there is a special fifth digivolution called Fanglongmon which can be achieved by keeping everyone alive at the end of the game and completing the truthful ending of the game.

Here is all the Agumon Digivolutions that can be obtained depending upon the different Karma stats and in different parts of the story.

Moral Karma

  • Part 1: Champion Digivolution to Greymon.
  • Part 5: Ultimate Digivolution to Metal Greymon.
  • Part 9: Mega Digivolution to War Greymon.

Wrathful Karma

  • Part 1: Champion Digivolution to Tuskmon.
  • Part 5: Ultimate Digivolution to Megadramon.
  • Part 9: Mega Digivolution to Machinedramon.

Harmony Karma

  • Part 1: Champion Digivolution to Tyrannomon.
  • Part 5: Ultimate Digivolution to Triceramon.
  • Part 9: Mega Digivolution to Dinorexmon.

The other Digivolutions Agumon will go is, in the end, he will become Cyclonemon and lastly into the Metal Greymon.

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