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Digimon Survive: Bad Ending



Digimon Survive: Bad Ending

Digimon survive is a virtual novel game in which the choices of the main character will impact the storyline. The karma system of the game will decide the ending of the game so, whatever karma-type points you have the most, you’ll get that ending. Although, at the end of the game, you can also get a bad ending or a true ending if you make some specific choices.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the bad ending in Digimon Survive.

Bad Ending

In Chapter 8, Takuma will come back to the Human world with Agumon and Miyuki but Miyuki will tell Takuma that they need to defeat the master so, their world and our world could be safe from the Master. She’ll tell him that the Shrine is very important for both of the worlds and she’ll ask for Takuma’s help to save the world from the Master. All of the other characters and Digimon are still on the other planet and Agumon will ask Takuma to help him take down the Master. Takuma will get three options.

  • Be True to My friends
  • Save the World
  • Never Go Back

Select the “Never Go Back” option and Takuma will refuse to go back to the Digimon world. He’d say he’s not strong enough to fight anyone. Agumon and Miyuki will try to convince him that he is strong which is why Agumon will be able to transform and fight but Takuma will not listen and say that all he ever wanted to get back to his home and now he is back in his world and he isn’t going back.

Digimon Survive: Bad Ending

Takuma’s phone will get a notification and he sees that he got a message from his mother. Takuma will apologize to Agmon and Miyuki and say that he wants to go home to his mother. Miyuki and Agumon will understand it and are a bit disappointed and then goes back into the white light to travel to the other world.

Takuma will narrate how much he felt lonely after leaving everyone and that he never saw Miyuki and Agumon again. In the end, Takuma and his mother would be leaving their place and Takuma will ask his mother if would he always be her kid and his mother would tell him that she’d never leave his sight and the game will end.

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