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Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat QA-1MIL



Hi-Fi Rush: How to Defeat QA-1MIL

Hi-Fi Rush is full of action along with a taste of countless beats. Players will get to explore the city of Vandelay where they will get to uncover cool technologies as well as fight different enemies. As players progress through the game, they will get to fight different bosses that have only one purpose, to recall (Kill) the defected which is Chai, our main character.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat QA-1MIL in Hi-Fi Rush.

Location of QA-1MIL

QA-1MIL is the first main boss of the game that will be put out by Rekka who is in charge to take out the defects in Vandelay. Players will get to fight QA-1MIL inside the QA building in the first stage of the game.

Defeating QA-1MIL

QA-1MIL is a giant robot with slash, ground slams, and AoE attacks. Its Health has a total of Four Bars which will reduce as you deal damage to QA-1MIL. The main weak point of QA-1MIL is its both hands. You need to attack its hands to deal damage to QA-1MIL. Since it keeps moving and its hands are up in there, you will have to wait for it to do the Ground Slam Attack. When QA-1MIL does the ground slam attack, its hand will stay on the floor for some time. You need to take advantage of this time and hit its hand with a light attack or heavy attack combo and finish the combo with a perfect 808 to deal a great amount of damage. After that, you will get a couple of keys on the screen that you will have to press when both circles overlap. By doing it successfully, it will break QA-1MIL’s hand.

Defeating QA-1MIL

Once you have reduced 1 bar of its HP, it will bring out canons and will shoot them on the floor. You will be able to see the landing of the shots on the floor with red markers. Stay out of the red markers to dodge the canons. Once it is done with canons, you need to wait again for its slam attacks. Until then just do a double jump to dodge its slashing and ground slam attacks. Once its hand is stuck on the floor, land the combo attack and do the sync to deal a great amount of damage to QA-1MIL. You will have to press the keys successfully to deal damage to the weak point of QA-1MIL and after you have depleted the second bar of QA-1MIL, it will start its Scissors Mode.

It will do Slash Attacks and ground slams repeatedly so be ready to do the Double Jumps to dodge its attacks. Now, its hand will release a shock wave after it gets stuck on the floor so you need to keep your distance and you need to attack the core of QA-1MIL which is in the center. Go in the center of QA-1MIL and land the combo to deal a great amount of damage. Once it has finished its laser moves with its hands, it will leave its hands on the floor to cool down. It will be your chance to land a couple of combos on its hand to deal a great amount of damage. You can also use the Power Chord ability on it to quickly sync the attack and deal great damage.

You need to repeat the process of dodging its attacks and dealing damage to it when you see the opening to deplete the last two bars of its health to defeat QA-1MIL.

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