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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Defeat Victor Rookwood



Vcitor Rookwood

Victor Rookwood is the last member in the Rookwood family and he has been helping Ranrok to get to the traces of Ancient Magic. You will get to encounter him a couple of times in the game but you will get to fight him before starting the final main quest of the game. Once you have completed all the Trials and made a special wand with it, you will be taken by Victor Rookwood.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Victor Rookwood in Hogwarts Legacy.  

Defeating Victor Rookwood

Victor Rookwood’s fight is pretty easy as he has no crazy spells that he will unleash on you. In fact you will get to fight him very little in the fight. You will be taken by the lot of Victor Rookwood and you will get to clear the lot of Ashwinders and Poachers. You can easily take them out by using the damage spells or using the objects in the environment. Once you have taken out the enemies, Victor Rookwood will come in front of you and you will get to duel him.

You need to mash the button on the screen to win the duel and when his own magic hits him, it will deal a great damage to him. After that, Victor Rookwood will be in the fight along with his lot. If you have ancient magic bar charged, just use it on him to deal great damage on him or if you have unlocked “Avada Kedavra” then use it to instantly move on to the last part of the fight.

use Avada Kedavra on Victor Rookwood

At the end, you will get to duel with him again and you will have to mash the button on the screen to defeat him.

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