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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Glacius Spell



Glacius Spell

There are many spells that players will get to unlock in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy. The main quests will teach a few spells and the rest of the spells are unlocked by completing the Side Quests and mainly Assignments of the Professors of different classes. One of the Spells that you can unlock is “Glacius” by completing the assignment of Madam Kogawa.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Glacius in Hogwarts Legacy.

Completing Madam Kogawa’s 1st Assignment

Madam Kogawa is your Flying Class Teacher who teaches you how to fly with the Broom. After you have taken the Flying Class and get yourself a Broom from Hogsmeade Village, you will unlock the first assignment of Madam Kogawa. The first assignment will teach you how to pop the balloons around the world map. The two tasks that you need to complete in the assignment are the following.

  1. Pop Balloons over Hogsmeade Station. (5)
  2. Pop Balloons around the Quidditch Pitch. (5)

You will have to go to the required locations and pop 5 balloons in the air. You can use your Field Guide to get to the locations easily. Simply activate the quest to track the locations.

Popping Balloons for Assignment

After activating the assignment, get on your Broom and fly to one of the locations. As you get close, you will see big Balloons in the air. In order to pop them, all you have to do is fly through them. Fly through 5 Balloons to complete the first task.

Popping Balloons

After that, fly down to the next location and then repeat the process of popping balloons to complete both tasks of the Assignment.

Get Glacius Spell

After you have completed the assignment, you need to go to Madam Kogawa’s room. Her room is just outside Hogwarts. You will see a staircase near the Flying Class location. Go up the staircase to reach her room. Talk to her to learn Glacius Spell. After learning the spell, you will unlock it and it is used to freeze objects and enemies.

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