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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Mallowsweet Leaves



Mallowsweet Leaves

There are number of resources in Hogwarts Legacy that players will have to get in order to Brew Potions, upgrade Gear Items, add Traits, or even complete specific type of puzzles. One of the resources that is compulsory to complete Merlin Trials is Mallowsweet Leaves. Mallowsweet Leaves are only used to open Merlin Trial and players cannot solve it without opening it. Since there are number of Merlin Trials scattered around the World Map, you will be needing a lot of Mallowsweet Leaves.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Mallowsweet Leaves in Hogwarts Legacy.

Getting Mallowsweet Leaves

Mallowsweet Leaves are one of the hardest leaves to find around the world. They can be found in the Forbidden Forest but the spawn rate of them is comparatively lower than the other plants. However, there is a technique that you can use to get enough Mallowsweet Leaves for Merlin Trials.

You can get a high number of Mallowsweet Leaves in under a few minutes by growing Mallowsweet in the Room of Requirement. In order to do that, you must have taken the “Herbology Class” and unlock the “Room of Requirement”. Once you have done that, you need to get the following things.

  1. Mallowsweet Seed
  2. Potting Table with Five Small Pots Spellcraft

Mallowsweet Seeds can be bought from the shop named “The Magic Neep” in Hogsmeade Village. It will only cost 200 Gold for the seed and the seed are unlimited, you don’t have to buy them every time.

Mallowsweet Seed

After getting the seed, you need to go to the shop named “Tomes and Scrolls” in Hogsmeade Village. Talk to the merchant and look for the spellcraft named “Potting Table with Five Small Pots”. This Spellcraft will cost you 2,500 Gold. It is expensive but if you do not have enough money then you can also buy “Potting Table with Three Small Pots”. It will only cost you 400 Gold which is way much lower.

Potting Table Spellcraft

After that, you need to go to the Room of Requirement and use the Conjuration Spell and conjure the new Potting Table with more pots. Now, just place the table and interact with the Pots and then plant the Mallowsweet Seeds in them. It will take 10 minutes to grow Mallowsweet Leaves and you will be able to Yield 5 Mallowsweet Leaves when they are matured. If you have planted the seeds in three pots table then after 10 minutes, you will get 15 Mallowsweet Leaves. You only have to grow Mallowsweet a few times to get enough Mallowsweet to open all of the Merlin Trials.

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