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Hogwarts Legacy – How to Get Phoenix




There are many species of Magical Beasts that players can find in Hogwarts Legacy but there is a Magical Beast who is left alone in its kind and  it is Phoenix. There is no Phoenix Den in Hogwarts Legacy but players can find Phoenix by completing a side/relationship quest in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Phoenix in Hogwarts Legacy.

Rescuing/Catching Phoenix

Phoenix can only be found during the side/relationship questline of DEEK. You can find DEEK in the Room of Requirement once you have unlocked it by completing the main quest named “The Room of Requirement”. After that, you will have to reach Level 20 to start Deek’s Questline and the last quest of Deek will get you Phoenix.

Deek’s last quest name is “Phoenix Rising” and Deek will tell you the possible location where you could find the last Phoenix in the Wizarding World. Phoenix will be inside a cave named “Phoenix Mountain Cave” which is on the Southeast side of the map. Follow the path on the map to reach the cave and then you will have to follow the cave to get to Phoenix.

You will get to clear out Spiders as well as Poachers in the cave so do take them out to get to Phoenix. Once you have seen Phoenix in the cave, you will have to follow him until you see him sitting up on a big rock. Use the Nab-Sack bag to rescue Phoenix and then return back to Deek in the Room of Requirement.

Brush and Feed Phoenix

Once you have reached Deek, a new Vivarium will unlock in which Phoenix will go and you will unlock Phoenix as your Magical Beast. You will be able to get “Phoenix Feathers” from Feeding Brushing Phoenix in the Vivarium. Phoenix Feathers is used to upgrade gear items as well as add traits to them so do collet them by taking care of Phoenix.

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