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How to Defeat the Jango Fett (Landing Pad) in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga



How to Defeat the Jango Fett (Landing Pad) in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Jango Fett will be on the landing pad and his son Boba will be inside the ship. There’ll be only 1 health bar of the Jango Fett but the starship will shoot down on you very often so keep your eye on the ground for the red area because that’s where the ship will shoot.

Jango Fett has some basic attacks that you can dodge pretty easily. His most dangerous attack might be the dual pistols that he shoots because they have higher damage and can easily reduce your health so, you have to be careful when he shoots those. Just dodge the attack quickly and you’ll be able to damage him with lightsaber attacks.

There is one more thing that he will use is his Flamethrower, The Flamethrower is pretty easy to dodge and attack because it slows him down also you can dodge and attack him pretty quickly. But try not to get caught in the flames because it also does high damage. Just dodge the attacks and hit him with the lightsaber combo attacks.

After his health is depleted completely, he will flee from the battle and get into the starship with his son Boba. But you have marked his starship with a tracking device so you can easily locate him. You will follow the Bounty Hunter Jango Fett to the space and there will be another fight. But first, you have to get to your ship so run across the building to the landing pad where your ship is and interact with it and select the Kamino Space as a destination. As you reach space a Blue Icon will be appearing as the new level to start which will be the Hunt for Jango.

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