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LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Episode 4: A New Hope: Level 4: This is Some Rescue



LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Episode 4: A New Hope: Level 4: This is Some Rescue

This level is started when you reach the controls of the Tractor Beam in order to do that you can follow this guide and we tell you how to start and complete this level.

After you’ve finished the Best Leia’d Plans level, you’ll be playing as Ben Kenobi and you need to find the Tractor Beam Controls.

Tractor Beam Takedown

There’ll be both droids with Ben Kenobi and you have to locate the controls, just follow the yellow icons and you’ll go down ramps from where you have come up and you’ll reach that fritzing door. Pass the door and follow the yellow icons and you go up the ramp and there’ll be a terminal to open the control room door. Switch to R2-D2 and access the terminal to open the door.

After you’ve opened the door, there’ll be some stormtroopers in that room you can just defeat them by fighting them or there is a terminal right after the door you opened, switch to the C-3PO and access the terminal and it will control the turret and you can shoot stormtroopers by that turret as well. After clearing the stormtroopers go on the bridge and there’ll be lasers on the tower use the Force power to turn off the lasers and jump on the other side. There’ll be a blue circle to start the new level of the story named This is Some Rescue. Go and start the next level.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Episode 4: A New Hope: Level 4: This is Some Rescue

This is Some Rescue

As you start this level, a cutscene will play in which Ben Kenobi will meet with Dark Vader once more and Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are rescuing the princess and trying to get to the Millennium Falcon. After the cutscene, you’ll be playing as Han Solo and you need to get access to your ship. Go ahead follow the stormtroopers and you’ll reach a closed-door, defeat the stormtroopers and open the door by shooting two boxes on the wall. Go through the door and you’ll see an Imperial Officer has a card to unlock the main control station room. Follow the officer and take out the stormtroopers and retrieve that access card. Go to the door and use the card to open it.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga: Episode 4: A New Hope: Level 4: This is Some Rescue

Go inside and Luke Skywalker and Princess will be blocked by a closed gate right under you and you have to open the gate for them. There’ll be a single stormtrooper inside, just shoot him and destroy the control system and build a switch to manually open the door by giving power to the door. Press the switch and pull the lever to open the door for them.

Fight the stormtroopers and disguise your character as a stormtrooper to get the access card to unlock the door. Disguise yourself and go right up the ramp into a room where an imperial officer has locked himself with the access card in a cell. Use the terminal and you’ll open the gate, take the card from him and run to the gate to unlock it.

After you unlock it, there’ll be no bridge to cross it to the other side and you just have to shoot the stormtroopers, they will shoot a structure and then you can grapple onto it and cross it to the other side.

A cutscene will start where Han Solo and Chewbacca will come, Luke Skywalker and Princess will come to the ship and they will get on board but Luke Skywalker will see Ben Kenobi fight the Dark Vader, and Dark Vader will kill Ben Kenobi. Then they will escape from this space station.

After the cutscene, you’ll unlock Free Play for this level and you can play it to collect the collectibles.

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