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Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back All Levels Challenges



Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back All Levels Challenges

Lego Star Wars: Skywalker saga levels are filled with hidden challenges. There are three challenges in each level of Episode V. These challenges are really helpful for players that want to compete and enjoy the game to its fullest. When you complete all the hidden challenges in each level of Episode V, you will be rewarded with Kyber Bricks. Kyber Bricks are an important part of the Skywalker Saga. These are used to upgrade your unlocked characters. This will improve your character’s abilities and their specified class.

These are hidden challenges but Skywalker Saga has a feature to help you reveal these hidden challenges. You can buy Rumors, each Rumor for a specific challenge costs 30,000 studs. If you’ve enough studs and you want to complete these hidden challenges, Rumors will reveal the exact challenge for you. This can help you easily complete the desired hidden challenge. There is no restriction to completing the hidden challenges, you can replay the levels and continue your hidden challenges again.

Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back All Levels Challenges

There are a total of 15 hidden challenges, 3 challenges on each level. Here is a complete go of how you can complete all the hidden challenges in Episode V.

Level 1: Hoth and the Cold

Avoid the Droid!

  • Shoot 5 probe Droid out of the air without them spotting you first.

In the snow you will find Droids roaming and scanning the area with a red circle on the ground, you have to shoo them down without spotting you to complete this challenge.

Not a Probe-lem

  • Shoot 1 probe Droid out the air without them spotting you first.

You have to shoot down only 1 Droid roaming and securing the area, stay away from the red circle and shoot them down to complete the challenge.

Stylish Way Down

  • Find and use all 5 zipwires.

At the level, you will come across zipwires between mountains. There are communication towers that have ziplines on top of them that will take you across the mountains. You have to follow your main objective and you can easily spot these zipwires. You have to use all of them to complete this challenge.

Level 2: Assault on Echo Base


  • Fly through the legs of an AT-AT.

At this level, you will face a big robot called AT-AT. You will fight him in your spaceship while you’re attacking it. You have to go through his legs, you have to wait for it to stop and then fly through his legs to complete this challenge.

Show Off!

  • Trip up the AT-ATs without the tow cable breaking.

While you’re fighting the AT-AT, you will attack a cable to one of the legs of the AT-AT to bring it down. Once, you’ve attached the cable to one of his legs. You have to follow the circles and spin to go through these circles on your screen to bring the AT-AT down without the cable breaking. So, you’ve to follow these circles carefully in order to bring down the AT-AT and complete this challenge.

Show Off!

Rogue Squadron, Form Up!

  • Complete the level without being defeated.

This one is simple you’ve to defeat the AT-AT without dying and after you’ve defeated AT-AT, a cutscene will trigger and the level will be completed and your challenge will also be completed.

Level 3: Never Tell Me the Odds

Asteroid Evasion

  • Avoid contact with the asteroids during the asteroid chase.

There will be a cutscene and you will be escaping from the empire and there will be a lot of asteroids. You have to watch out for contact with the asteroid and your challenge will be completed.

Proton Power

  • Destroy 5 TIE fighters using Proton Torpedoes.

While you’re in the fight with Star Destroyers. You will be battling with TIE fighters in their spaceships while you’re in your own spaceship. You can shoot them down but you have to use Proton Torpedoes in your spaceship. They shoot a purple missile and shoot them down with these Torpedoes. You have to destroy 5 TIE fighters with Proton Torpedoes to complete this challenge.

Take Evasive Action!

  • Complete the Star Destroyer encounter without being destroyed.

When you’re fighting the Star Destroyer, you don’t have to die in the battle and defeat the Star Destroyer without dying and this will complete the challenge.

Level 4: Hibernation Station

You want to make that move?

  • Build a distraction for the Stormtroopers.

When you enter in the hall to catch up with the bounty hunter. You will find two big machines; you have to break them down and build a De jarik Board. This will distract the Stormtroopers and you can easily get past them. They will indulge in playing the De jarik Board. This will also complete your challenge.

Hello, What Have We Here?

  • Discover and loot an Empire Weapon Cache as a disguised rebel.

You’ve to use a Stormtrooper character and you will find a weapon cache. A Stormtrooper will be guiding it. There is a laser alarm system blocking, you’ve to get past and you will find to your left a weapon cache. Open this with a Stormtrooper character disguised so that you won’t get caught. You will find a Rocket launcher and SE14c Blaster Pistol. You will also complete the challenge.


  • Trigger the secret defenses on the Landing Pad.

After you’ve reached the Landing Pad where Millenium Falcon is present. You will find a few blocks running around, you’ve to mount these blocks and put them in the socket near them. This will enable the secret defense system of the Landing Pad and your challenge will be complete.

Level 5: Revelations!

Force Feedback

  • Force Throw 3 separate objects at Darth Vader.

In this level, you will be facing Darth Vader. In the fight, you can use force to throw different objects at Darth Vader. You have to throw different objects at Darth Vader in order to complete this challenge.

Most Impressive

  • Complete the level in under 10 minutes.

This challenge is pretty straightforward forward and you don’t have to waste a lot of time exploring this level follow the objective and complete the level in under 10 minutes to complete the challenge.


  • ⦁ Find all of the hidden Ugnaughts throughout the level.

After your first fight with Darth Vader, he will escape from a tunnel. You will find three Ugnaughts in the tunnel. You will more Ugnaughts in a platform on the outside balcony pull the platform down and you will find three Ugnaughts. When Darth Vader escapes and you’ve to find him in the hallway you’ve to unlock the left door and you will find more Ugnaughts behind the door. You will complete the challenge after you’ve found them all.

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