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How to evolve all Pokémon of Legends: Arceus



How to evolve all Pokémon of Legends: Arceus

Pokémon Legends: Arceus has changed a good handful of aspects of the saga that many pokéfans took for granted, and one of them is the way to evolve some creatures. Although some Pokémon maintain the method, for others it’s time to pull your wits.

However, you should not worry. We have compiled the way to evolve all the creatures in the game.

This is how you can evolve all the Pokémon of Legends: Arceus

To quickly find the creature you’re looking for, press Control + F in your browser if you’re on PC or if you’re on mobile select the option “Find in page” (or a similar term).

rowletlevel 17dartrixLevel 34Hisui’s Decidueye
Cyndaquillevel 14Quilavalevel 36Typhlosion of Hisui
Oshawottlevel 17Dewottlevel 36Hisui’s Samurott
bidoofflevel 15Bibarel
starlylevel 14StaraviaLevel 34Staraptor
Shinxlevel 15luxuriouslevel 30luxray
WurmpleGoing up to level 7 you can have one of two forms depending on the personality you have.(1) Silicon(2) Helmetlevel 10(1) Beautifyl(2) Dustox
Ponytalevel 40rapidash
eevee(1) Thunder Stone(2) Fire Stone(3) Water Stone(4) Leaf Stone(5) Ice Stone(6) Friendship at its maximum during the day(7) Friendship at its maximum during the night(8) Max Friendship with a Fairy-type move(1) Jolteon(2) flareon(3) Vaporion(4) Leafeon(5) Glaceon(6) ESPON(7) Umbrella(8) Sylveon
Zubatlevel 22Golbathigh friendshipCrobat
Drifloonlevel 28Driftblim
kricketotlevel 10cricketune
BuizelLevel 26floatzel
burmyLevel 20, MaleMothim
geodudelevel 25GravelerUnion Wiregolem
StantlerUsing Barrier Assault 20 times in Agile styleWyrdeer
munchlaxhigh friendshipsnorlax
stoplevel 24parasect
pichuHappiness when it’s daytimePikachuThunder StoneRaichu
openlevel 16KadabraUnion WireAlakazam
chimcharlevel 14Monfernolevel 36infernape
bunearyhigh happinessLopunny
Cherubilevel 25Cherrim
PsiduckLevel 33Golduck
CombeeLevel 21, Femalevespiquen
scythe(1) Interchange with Metallic Coating(2) Using Black Augurite(1) Scizor(2) Cleavor
mime jr.
AipomAfter learning Double Hitambipom
Magikarplevel 20Gyarados
Shelloslevel 30Gastrodon
Hisui’s QwilfishUsing 1000 Toxic Spikes 20 times in Strong StyleOverqwil
HappyGiving him the Oval Stone during the dayChanseyhigh friendshipBlissey
budewHigh friendship during the dayroseliaRock Dayroserade
PetililSolar StoneHisui’s Lilligant
tangelaAfter learning Past Powertangrowth
Barboachlevel 30whiskey
Croagunklevel 37toxicroak
raltslevel 20kirlialevel 30Gardevoir
YanmaAfter learning Past PowerYanmega
hippopotamusesLevel 34hippowdon
stunkyLevel 34Skuntank
Teddiursa(1) Level 30(2) Using a Peat Block in Crimson Swamp when there is a full moon(1) Ursaring(2) Ursamoon
Goomylevel 40Hisui’s SliggoLevel 50 during the rainGoodra by Hissui
OnyxInterchange with Metallic CoatingSteelix
Rhyhornlevel 42RhydonExchange with ProtectorRhyperior
bonslyWhen I learn to mimicsudowoodo
LickitungAfter learning UnwindLickilicky
TogepiHigh FriendshipTOGETICRock DayTogekiss
Turtwiglevel 18grotlelevel 32torterra
PorygonExchange with Improvementporygon2Exchange with Strange DiscPorygon-Z
Ghastlylevel 25haunterUnion WireGengar
MurkrowNight StoneHonchkrow
spheallevel 32sealeolevel 44walrein
Remoraidlevel 25Octillery
Skorupilevel 40Drapyon
Hisui’s GrowlitheFire stoneHisui’s Arcanine
GlameowLevel 38Purugly
machoplevel 28MachokeUnion WireMachamp
duskullevel 37dusclopsTrade with Dreadwebdusknoir
Pipluplevel 16startpluplevel 36Empoleon
MantykeGo up a level with a Remoraid in your teammaintain
BasculinTake 300 knockback damage using Water Slam (if male, strong style, and if female, fast style).Basculegion
vulpixFire stoneNinetals
tentacoollevel 30tentacruel
Finneonlevel 31Lumineon
Magbylevel 30MagmarExchange with the Magmatizermagmortar
Magnemitelevel 30magnetonGo up a level on Mount Coronamagnetone
bronzerLevel 33Bronzong
elekidlevel 30ElectabuzzExchange with the ElectrifierElectivire
gligarGoing up a level while wearing Sharp Fang at nightGliscor
Gablelevel 24Cabinetlevel 48Garchomp
nose passWith Thunder Stoneprobopass
Voltorb of HisuiLeaf StoneHisui electrode
Chinglinghigh friendship overnightchimecho
MisdreavusNight StoneMismagius
cleffahigh friendshipClefairyMoonstoneClefable
Hisui’s SneaselGoing up a level with Razor Claw equipped during the daysneaker
snorunt(1) Level 42(2) In females, using the Night Stone(1) Glalie(2) Froslass
Cranidslevel 30Rampards
Shieldonlevel 30Bastiodon
SwinubLevel 33PiloswineAfter learning Past Powermamoswine
bergmitelevel 37Hisui’s Avalugg
snoverlevel 40Abomasnow
Hisui’s Zorualevel 30Zoroark of Hisui
ruffletlevel 54Hisui’s Braviary
RioluHigh friendship during the dayLucario

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