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Pokémon Legends: Arceus- All side missions with solutions



Pokémon Legends: Arceus- All side missions with solutions

In addition to the main story, you can also pursue numerous smaller side missions in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. There are a total of 94 such side missions, where you z. B. catch certain Pokémon, show residents Pokédex entries, or collect items. As you progress and rank up, more side missions become available to you. In this guide, we provide you with an overview of all tasks!

Side Mission 1: Wurmpel’s Evolution

Client: Goro (Jubilife Village)

Task: Catch a Wumpel and show it to Goro. Wurmpel you can z. B. encountered in the Horseshoe Meadows in the Obsidian Grasslands. Help Goro choose a name and the first mission of the game will be complete.

Reward: 3x Sparkling Honey

Side Mission 2: A Cute Staralili

Client: Mari (Jubilife Village)

Task: Complete Staralilis Pokédex tasks to reach research level 10. You will often encounter Staralili in the Obsidian Grasslands. Then show Mari the completed Pokédex entry and then another Staralili to complete the task.

Reward: 10x Poké Ball

Side mission 3: What do Sheinux’s ears look like?

Client: Toshi (Jubilife Village)

Task: In this mission, all you have to do is show Toshi a Sheinux. Since you already had to catch one in the game’s introduction, the quest is a breeze.

Reward: 3x potion

Side Mission 4: A Big Bamelin

Client: Tomo (Jubilife Village)

Objective: You must bring Tomo a Bamelin that is larger than 0.8mYou can search Bamelin in the Obsidian Grasslands on the Horseshoe Meadows, Wind Passage, or Rock Bridge. You can read about a Pokémon’s size in its report.

Reward: 5x Sinelberry, 1x XP Candy S

Side Mission 6: Mushroom Bait Advertisement

Client: Morel (Obsidian Grasslands)

Task: To teach you how to make the mushroom bait, Morel needs a chewy mushroom. Tooth fungus grows in Obsidian Grasslands, among other places. If you don’t want to search for it, you can easily buy a Toadstool from the craft shop in Jubilee Village for 200 Pokédollars.

Reward: Mushroom Bait Guide

Side Mission 7: Playmate Driftlon?

Client: Kimbra (Jubilife Village)

Task: You are to check whether a child is playing with a Drifloon at Departure Beach. First, go to your house and sleep until evening. At Departure Beach you will find the kid with the driftlon behind the hut.

Reward: 1x Stardust

Side Mission 8: The Naughty Bidiza

Client: Tsumugi (Jubilife Village)

Mission: You must help Tsumugi capture three escaped Bidiza in Jubilee Village. In order for this to succeed, you must have a Bidiza on your team yourself. A bidiza is next to your house, one is by the pasture and the third is behind a wooden fence near the village entrance. You can see the locations again in the video below.

Reward: 1x Rare Candy

Side Mission 9: Zubat’s Eyes

Client: Cosima (Jubilife Village)

Mission: To complete this quest, all you have to do is show Cosima a Zubat. You can e.g. B. Catch it on the Antler Mountain Path in the Obsidian Grass Field.

Reward: 2x Offensive Vitamins

Side Mission 18: Pokemon Kokeshi Crafting for Beginners

Client: Taras (Jubilife Village)

Task: Taras gives instructions to be able to make Pokemon Kokeshi dolls. You must craft such a doll and show it to him. For the production, you need 3x wood. You can use the wood e.g. B. at the giant tree battlefield in the obsidian grass field (see video below).

Reward: 1x Pokémon Kokeshi

Side mission 25: The Pokémon in the photo in the forest

Client : Dagero (Jubilife Village)

Task: Dagero shows you a photo that only shows the ears of a Pokémon. He offers you to catch the corresponding Pokémon and bring it to him. The Pokémon is Haspiror, which you z. B. can be caught in the Inner Forest of the Obsidian Grasslands.

Reward: The photo studio gets more equipment.

Side mission 38: Search for missing persons in the swampland

Client: Ayafumi (Jubilife Village)

Task: Ayafumi’s little sister Mina got lost in the Red Marshland and you should find her. If you use Ursulana and follow the blue signal, it will lead you to the destination. Mina is located at Bigmaw Bog. Where the river forks, it stands on the left bank of the river. In the video below you can see the location in moving pictures!

Reward: 3x Stardust

Side Mission 39: Thirst for Knowledge of Magikarp

Client: Momo (Jubilife Village)

Task: The little girl Momo, standing in front of the Galactic building, wants to know more about Magikarp. Therefore, you must complete corresponding Pokédex tasks and show her the complete Pokédex entry of Magikarp. You can easily find Magikarp in the waters of Obsidian Grasslands (Obsidian Waterfall, Lake of Truth) and Crater Mountain Highlands (Fairy Pond).

Reward : 1x Rare Candy

Side mission 44: The Pokemon in the night photo

Client : Dagero (Jubilife Village)

Task: Dagero shows you a new photo that doesn’t fully recognize Pokémon. Again you have to bring him the Pokemon shown in the picture. This Pokémon is Twilight. You can catch it at night in Cobalt Seashore (Horrible Withered Forest) or in White Frostland (Avalanche Hill, Path to the Battlefield).

Reward: The photo studio gets more equipment.

Note: The guide will be updated with more missions soon!

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