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How to Find Tulin in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom



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Tulin is one of the companions that players will unlock as they progress through the main story questline of the game. Players will get to meet Tulin once they have reached the “Rito Village” located on the Northwest side of the map near the Hebra Mountains area. Once they have met Tulin, he will fly away and players will start the questline named “Tulin of Rito Village” in which they will have to find Tulin first who has flown away somewhere.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find Tulin in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Find Tulin in Tears of the Kingdom

Once you have started the quest, you will have to meet with Harth to see if he has any leads regarding Princess Zelda. He is in a house next to a couple of bonfires. Use your glider to reach the house and talk to him and he will tell you Tulin might know about it. He will give the hint of Tulin being in Summit Cave on the South of Hebra Mountains.

You need to go up the ladders right next to the lodge and keep walking on the snow path until you reach a cave named “Tanto Peak Cave”. There will be an NPC standing outside the cave so, if you cross by any of the caves, know you are in the right location. As you go inside the cave, there will be water that you cannot swim through because it is too cold and your Hearts will immediately drain if you step in the water.

How to Find Tulin in Tears of the Kingdom

There will be Wooden Planks outside the cave that you need to use to make a bridge. Go outside the cave and make a bridge and then place it in the water. Now, walk on the bridge to cross the water and as you go ahead, you need to use the Ascend Ability to go up. Once you go up, you will see the Bubbulfrog creature. Defeat it if you want and then use the Ascend Ability again to go further up.

You will be out of the cave after using the ascend ability for the second time and now, you need to go further up on the mountain. Keep climbing the mountain until you reach a path and that path will take you to Tulin. Talk to Tulin to progress ahead in the questline.

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