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How To Move Rocks In Animal Crossing: New Horizons



How To Move Annoying Rocks On Your Island In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Today we are going to teach you how to move rocks in Animal Crossing New Horizons and also how to create a rock garden on your island to have everything much more organized and surprise your visitors.

Rocks are very important elements in Animal Crossing New Horizons because they give us the necessary resources to continue advancing in the adventure, but unfortunately, their appearance is random on the island and their units are relatively few if we decide to destroy them all in the same day.

Of course, there is a procedure to try to make the reappearance of rocks in Animal Crossing New Horizons more or less controlled on our island, although the process may require a few hours of your precious time.

How To Move Rocks In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The first thing you must be aware of is the procedure to end those annoying rocks that appear randomly on our island. For this, we must have the shovel unlocked, and before we take it out and start loading the rocks that we find to knead materials, we must eat up to 10 fruits from the trees so that our character has strength.

Here’s How To Create A Rock Garden in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Once you have done the thing we mentioned above, you must go to your island and destroy absolutely all the rocks that have already appeared and you will do it with the shovel and the fruits previously mentioned.

Now you must do a strange thing and that is to make use of the mannequins. To do this, choose a design pattern within custom designs, select show here, and choose mannequin.

The idea is that we fill absolutely our entire island and put these mannequins in the quadrant that we consider that a rock will appear. In general, the rocks usually appear near the flowers, near the trees and separated in quadrants of nine one from the other.

So you will have to place dozens and dozens of mannequins all over the island. If you do not understand why this should be done, it is because when an object already exists within this quadrant, in this case, the mannequin, the rock will no longer appear in that quadrant and will appear in any other that is free.

In the beginning, we have created a plot where we have left six spaces for rocks, which are exactly free places, grids where those rocks are going to appear that cannot leave the rest of the island because there are mannequins close to each other.

Now we will simply wait at least six days for the rocks to appear on our plot, and from there we can already manage each of the rocks day by day.

To remove all the mannequins from the island you can do it manually which is a somewhat slow process.

With this, you already know how to move rocks in Animal Crossing New Horizons and also how to create a rock garden.

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