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How to get the best neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons



The Animal Crossing phenomenon: More than just good timing

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons there are hundreds of neighbors (and special visitors) of different animal species that we can get to move to our island and become part of our virtual home. However, there are some more popular than others, and getting exactly the ones we want to live is a complex task. For this reason, we detail various curiosities about the neighbors, which are considered “the best” and tricks to get them to move to our island.

The best neighbors and their curiosities

The first detail that we must point out is that there are no neighbors better than others, but it depends on our personal tastes. We can have a very special memory with a frog named Lily from having had it in a previous franchise title, such as AC: Wild World, and that it is one of our favorites but that another player does not like its design and prefers a bear named Barnabas. , for example. Even so, there are some neighbors who appear especially through social networks and are considered “the best” by the gaming community.

Examples of this are Narciso (the elegant gray cat with glasses), Bobi (a simple but pretty blue penguin that even has its own Twitter page), Munchi (a white squirrel with a lot of personalities), Apolo (a white eagle with personality Tosca) or Fauna (a brown doe that appears on several covers of the game).

Each of them has a different personality that may or may not be linked to their appearance. Those available are Sweet, Vivaracha, Picajosa, Familiar, Altanera, Deportista, Petulante, and Vaga. Neighbors who share a personality will tell us the same type of phrases, although each of them has a different initial tag and a particular home decoration. For this reason, in addition to looking for neighbors of various species, we can also take into account their personality type so as not to be listening to the same phrases every day.

How to get the best neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are various methods to get new neighbors in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We can have up to a total of 10 and if we want to renew them we will have to wait for one of them to move in order to welcome others. Here we leave you the possible methods we have to find new neighbors:

  • On deserted islands: When we travel to deserted islands through the Dodos aerodrome (with a ticket for 2000 Nook Miles ) we can meet a random neighbor there. Even so, for this to happen it is necessary to have some free lot on our island and therefore not have the cap of 10 neighbors.
  • In the camping area: when we have been in the game for a few days we will be able to unlock a camping area where, from time to time, a random neighbor will arrive. He will ask us to play a card game or to build something for him at the workbench in exchange for moving. The “bad” thing is that sometimes it tells us exactly why a neighbor wants to change, so it will not always be in accordance with our plans and wishes.
  • Through Amiibo cards: if we want to choose exactly who we want to move to our island, the most effective method is to get your amiibo card. Virtually every character has one and we can use them in the City Hall Nook terminal to bring a neighbor of our choice to the camping area. After that, we will have to invite him two more times and fulfill his requests so that he ends up moving (and exchange him for a neighbor, if we already have 10, of our choice),
  • Randomly: The last way to receive neighbors is automatically and randomly. Sometimes, when a neighbor of our Isla Canela moves, he will inform us that another has taken his place without us having anything to do and therefore his identity will be a surprise.

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