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How to unlock the Mosasaurus in Jurassic World Evolution 2



How to unlock the Mosasaurus in Jurassic World Evolution 2

We offer you all the steps that you must complete so that you can definitively unlock the fearsome Mosasaurus.

If you are a lover of Jurassic Park movies or you also love the world of dinosaurs, surely the Mosasaurus is familiar to you, a huge lizard that lived in the Cretaceous period in the area of ​​modern Western Europe, North America, Latin America, and Antarctica.

Best of all, this fearsome being can also be obtained in Jurassic World Evolution 2, and there is a very fast way that you will have to unlock it so that you can add it to your park, and that it can raise the star level of the same.

So we give you the best procedure to unlock the Mosasaurus in Jurassic World Evolution 2, fulfilling a series of challenges that we detail below.

How to unlock the Mosasaurus in Jurassic World Evolution 2

Yes, you can add this fearsome lizard that reigns in the marine world to your park and for this, you must follow a few simple steps.

The first thing we have to do is play the challenge mode since it will allow us to unlock the science center quite quickly. This challenge mode offers us marine and flying reptiles from the beginning, fulfilling a series of requirements. Once you’ve unlocked the science center and achieved a two-star rating for your park, we can move on.

Now once we have met the previous requirements, we must unlock the first node for marine reptiles, to advance to the rest.

The requirements to finally reach the Mosasaurus are the following:

Node 1 marine reptiles 1

As a requirement, we have to increase the rating of our park to two stars, which we should have already done, and as a reward, we will receive the Ichthyosaurus and Plesiosaurus fossils.

Node 2 marine reptiles 2A

As requirements, we must have met the marine reptiles 1 and we will receive the Liopleurodon fossils as a reward

Node 3 marine reptiles 2B

Have completed the marine reptiles 1 and increased the total population of marine reptiles in the park to 3 and we will receive as a reward the Tylosaurus fossils

Node 4 marine reptiles 2C

You must have completed the marine reptiles 1 to take the Eleasmosaurus fossils as a reward

Final node marine reptiles 3

After completing the marine reptiles 2A we will receive the Mosasaurus fossil

As you can see, they are quite simple challenges completing each of the nodes until you reach the end.

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