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How to Use Device Dispenser in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom



How to Use Device Dispenser in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

There are a lot of new things in Tears of the Kingdom regarding the previous Zelda game and one of the new things that players will get to see as they are exploring through the Great Sky Island is Device Dispenser. The Device Dispenser is an extremely useful machine that gives Zonai Devices that can be fused with Weapons and Objects in the World of Hyrule.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Use a Device Dispenser in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Use Device Dispenser in Tears of the Kingdom

Players will get the introduction of the Device Dispenser by an NPC named “Maker Construct” who will tell you about the Device Dispenser machine. Device Dispenser will give you the Zonai Capsules that hold Zonai Devices inside and in order for the Dispenser to give you a capsule, you will have to insert one of the two Materials.

  • Zonai Charges
  • Soldier Construct Horns

You need to put any of these two items in the Bowl in front of the Device Dispenser and it will give you a Zonai Capsule. The Zonai Capsule holds a Zonai Device inside of it that you can grab simply by picking it up.

How to Get More Zonai Devices from Device Dispenser in Tears of the Kingdom

As you can get Zonai Devices from dropping Zonai Charges and Soldier Construct Horns inside the Bowl, the most valuable rewards are obtained from Zonai Charges. You need to stack up on Zonai Charges by defeating the Green Robot enemies in Great Sky Island and then visit the Device Dispenser to throw the Zonai Charges in the bowl to get valuable Zonai Devices.

Now, the Device Dispenser will only give you 1 Zonai Capsule if you throw 1 Zoani Charge into the Bowl. However, if you throw 5 Zonai Charges into the Bowl, the Device Dispenser will give you a lot more Zoani Capsules than the 5 Zonai Charges. You can get valuable Zonai Devices like Fan, Fire Emitter, and Portable Pots by putting 5 of Zonai Charges into the Bowl.

use device dispenser in Zelda tears of the Kingdom

Device Dispenser Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

You can find the Device Dispensers in the following locations on the World Map of Hyrule.

  • Great Sky Island
  • Courage Island
  • Southern Hyrule Sky Islands
  • Western Hateru Sky Islands
  • Auror Island
  • Thunder Island
  • Water Spring Island
  • Minakkare Sky Island
  • Ichikara Village

All of the Device Dispensers in different locations give out different Zonai Devices so, make sure to visit all of the Device Dispensers in Hyrule World to stack up on different useful Zonai Devices.

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