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In November 2020, Nintendo will sell more consoles than a year earlier



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The new-generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles will surpass the PlayStation 5 in November sales in the United States. This forecast was shared by a well-known analyst and insider Benji-Sales.

As Benji-Sales explained, its forecast is based on information about deliveries from Microsoft and Sony to stores. Based on the data available to the specialist, in November, Microsoft shipped more set-top boxes to the United States than Sony. And they were sold out.

The Entire Sony-supplied PlayStation 5 edition was also instantly gone.

Commented on Benji-Sales and high demand for the Nintendo Switch. He expressed confidence that in November 2020, Nintendo will sell more consoles than a year earlier, but will not reach the symbolic mark of 2 million-the November all-time record, still owned by the Wii (in November 2008, the Wii sold 2.04 million copies). The results will also be affected by the fact that this year’s monthly report of NPD will cover the period from November 1 to November 28. data on cyber Monday (November 30)will be included in the December rating.

After publishing the predictions, Benji-Sales received many messages of criticism. In particular, many refused to believe in the probability of winning the Xbox Series over the PlayStation 5, even taking into account the data of an insider on deliveries.

Against this background, Benji-Sales deleted all its posts on the topic on Twitter.

People ask me why I started making fewer predictions. And this is a Prime example.

[Reading forecasts], people become upset and aggressive, so often the return is not worth my effort at all, ” the insider explained.

Users advised him to share forecasts next time with disabled comments.

It is worth noting that Benji-Sales has both correct and erroneous predictions. At the same time, there are clearly more of the first ones.

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