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SEGA confirms that the creators of Alien Isolation are working on an FPS game



SEGA confirms that the creators of Alien Isolation are working on an FPS game

New from Creative Assembly, creators of Alien Isolation and Total War, will be a first-person shooter, according to a SEGA executive …

There is no doubt that Creative Assembly is one of the most talented studios of the moment, with high-quality games like Alien Isolation or the Total War series behind it.

Last year it was confirmed that they were working on a new project for SEGA, and now we know that it will be a first-person shooter…and that its development is going well.

Tim Heaton, director of Sega Europe, has given some more details of what the new Creative Assembly game will be, and it seems that it will not be Alien Isolation 2, to the regret of many. Even so, this new game for consoles and PCs promises a lot, and according to those in charge, it will have a great tactical component.

The next game from the creators of Alien Isolation will be a First Person Shooter, and in the words of Tim Heaton, it will be a new IP that SEGA itself intends to use as a phylum in the West and on the occasion of the new PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles.

What we are trying to do now is to look for a new IP. There is a new FPS game being developed by Creative Assembly, and they are growing teams around new IPs. Our in-house studios have this two-fold strategy: do more with what you have and think about new IP,” explained a manager from SEGA’s European division.

Little else is known about this interesting project, only that it will unite tactical and strategic elements with the first-person shooter genre, although it seems that it will renounce the survival horror component of Alien Isolation. Some rumors suggest that it could be a service-based game, though nothing is confirmed.

Do you want to see what Creative Assembly is up to? Seeing the level of their latest games, the truth is that this shooter becomes one of the titles we have to follow closely.

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