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It is possible to easily reduce the size of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox to less than half its original size



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Microsoft Flight Simulator has finally arrived on Xbox X Series X/S. Microsoft’s flight simulator was a real hit with critics following its release on PC, so its arrival on Xbox was eagerly awaited. However, one of the aspects that can be most annoying for users wanting to try it out is the huge amount of space it takes up on the consoles’ SSD, amounting to almost 100GB of space.

If you’re one of those users who often sweat to make space for new titles, especially with Game Pass, don’t worry, here’s a solution in this case. It is possible to reduce the size that Microsoft Flight Simulator takes up on Xbox by less than half easily, however, you will need to have a stable internet connection when you want to play the title.

Microsoft Flight Simulator consists of two different files on Xbox consoles. On the one hand, the first file of about 42GB would be the game itself, and on the other hand, another file, of about 59GB allows you to play the game offline. This second file is not at all necessary as long as you have a stable internet connection at home, so you can simply choose not to install it if you are worried about space on your console.

If you have already installed both parts and want to delete the second file, simply go to my games and applications, click the menu button on Microsoft Flight Simulator, click on manage games and add-ons, and in that menu, you should be able to delete the optional file for offline play.

Especially if you’re playing on an Xbox Series S, with a more limited SSD, it can be difficult at times to make room for the huge range of Xbox Game Pass games on offer, so measures like this are very welcome.

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