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Jagged Alliance 3 – Best Perks for Mercs



Jagged Alliance 3 - Best Perks

The mercenaries from A.I.M. has been called in for a rescue mission of the country’s President who has been taken hostage by a private Paramilitary known as Legion. Mercenaries are skilled soldiers with unique roles and traits that will help players in defeating Legion throughout the game. The traits and roles of mercenaries, matter in various dialogues and actions on the field. However, another important thing to look at and pick for Mercs is the Perks. Perks are different abilities of mercenaries and each mercenary will come with its own set of Perks but these Perks can be altered to make the Mercenary stronger in the fights.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you the Best Perks for Mercs in Jagged Alliance 3.

Perks in Jagged Alliance 3

There are 45 Perks in Jagged Alliance 3 which are divided into 5 different categories, Health, Agility, Dexterity, Strength, and Wisdom. Each of the categories has 9 different Perks which are sub-divided into 3 levels. The starting level of the perk is 70, then 80, and in the last 90. To get or equip a certain Perk from a category, the respective Merc must have that level of Stat in that certain category of the Perk. As an example, if players want to get the Shock and Awe Perk, they need to have a Merc with a Wisdom of 90+ Stat.

Best Perks for Mercs in Jagged Alliance 3

Mercs will be able to equip multiple Perks as they level up and there are several Perks useful in combat that will make life easier for the Mercs. As each Merc has different stats and traits, it is possible that players might lose a Merc with low strength or Health early in the fight. It is better to pick the Perk for all of the Mercs in the squad. The following list of Perks will provide more survivability and damage output to Mercs.

  • Beefed Up: It increases the Max HP by 20%. It is best for the Mercs that don’t have many Attribute Points in Health stat. The chance of survivability will increase for those Mercs by equipping this Perk.
  • Vanguard: It gives 15 Grit when players end their turn out of cover or adjacent to an enemy. It is a must-pick for the Melee Mercs as it will increase their survivability.
  • Flanker: it increases the damage by 15% against the Flanked enemies. Having this ability is effective against the Flanked units and will allow Mercs to quickly eliminate the units.
  • Ambusher: This perk is perfect for Stealth Kills as it increases the chances of Stealth Kill and if an enemy survives the stealth attack, it will suppress the enemy.
  • Shock Assault: This perk is perfect for the Mercs who pick fights in close combat as it gives a 30% extra Crit chance on Point-Blank attacks.
  • Shock and Awe: This Perk is effective for the Merc who has a High or Very High Morale as it increases damage by 10% and starts the battle with high morale.

Players will have to use the Mercs more often to unlock the Perks on a high level so before unlocking the best Perks it is useful to equip the ones that are suitable for your Merc at that time to keep increasing their survivability or damage output in fights.

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